Ma Wilson’s Mole Elimination Method

Oh dang, those darn moles are still so active in my yard! Big humps of soil that one can trip over… Our cat, Rain, did catch a small mole the other day, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Here’s what friend and colleague, Ron Wilson, of Natorp’s and WKRC’s gardening show has to say: Forget the poison peanuts, the gopher … Continue reading Ma Wilson’s Mole Elimination Method

Fall Color May Mean More Than Just Autumn

From friend and colleague and garden expert, Ron Wilson. Take a look! Gardening Tips From Ron Wilson RON WILSON Oct 10, 2019   I received a call recently from Miguel Preza, the Integrated Pest Manager for a local nursery about the onset of early fall color. He said something very helpful, “If the tree or shrub looks different than the others, take a closer look. … Continue reading Fall Color May Mean More Than Just Autumn

Ron Shows How to Plant a Tree

TREES AND PLANTS ARE AN INVESTMENT. IT IS IMPORTANT TO PLANT YOUR NEW TREES AND PLANTS THE CORRECT WAY. HERE ARE SOME SIMPLE TIPS TO GET YOUR GROWING INVESTMENT OFF TO A GREAT START. DIG IT! Tip- Lay a tarp next to where you will be digging for easier cleanup. Remove sod from the planting area and soil from the hole. Dig a hole minimum … Continue reading Ron Shows How to Plant a Tree

Why Plant in Fall?

Why plant in fall? Fall is a great time to plant for many reasons. The main reason is plants are shutting down their tops for the season and getting ready for winter. During this time, their roots kick into high gear. Did you know in the Fall plants develop more roots than any other time of the year?   Check out Natorp’s site for all the … Continue reading Why Plant in Fall?

Milkweed and Monarchs (and other insects that like milkweed)

Joe Boggs chats with Ron Wilson on Ron’s gardening show each Saturday. Joe is with Ohio State’s Extension Agency, and he is one smart “bug man”. He  shares this very interesting information about milkweed, monarch butterflies and other insects that use milkweed as a host plant. Read on, this is fascinating stuff! This is the time of the year when the menagerie of insects that feed … Continue reading Milkweed and Monarchs (and other insects that like milkweed)

Container Herb Garden for Mom

On Earth Day, I visited my granddaughters Eva’s and Emerson’s school. We had fun sharing seeds and plants and talking about being good stewards of our earth. The girls gave their teachers container herb gardens. A few had questions about growing herbs in containers. I’ve had requests from some of you about the same subject, so I thought it a timely topic.  Although I grow … Continue reading Container Herb Garden for Mom