Discovering Spice Bush on a Springtime Walk

Ron Wilson Plant of the Week – Spice Bush Mar 18, 2021 Yesterday I was walking along our old country road when I spied something very yellow, sort of fuzzy and delicate looking. It was spicebush! Wow! I have one growing in my herb garden, but have never seen them in the woods here. That’s because I wasn’t looking during the right season. And now … Continue reading Discovering Spice Bush on a Springtime Walk


Well, I for sure knew about it but didn’t know how to correctly name it. Here’s what friend and colleague, Ron Wilson, put on his site about this common “problem”. Feb 11, 2021 This week’s word of week was suggested by BYGL reader, Kathy Estabrook. Thanks to all readers who have suggested a word, or words for future BYGL alerts. Keep the suggestions coming by emailing … Continue reading What is ALLELOPATHY?

Yellowneck Caterpillars: Have you seen these?

Friend and colleague Joe Boggs, from the Ohio State University Extension shares photos and timely information about these creepy caterpillars. Yuck!Jul 23, 2020 Jim Chatfield sent a picture on Tuesday of a group of middle-instar yellownecked caterpillars (Datana ministra) devouring leaves on a witch-hazel (Hamamelissp.) in Secrest Arboretum. Yellownecks feed in groups, sometimes called “colonies,” numbering 10 – 30 individuals throughout their development. The colonies tend to … Continue reading Yellowneck Caterpillars: Have you seen these?

Have you heard of Mexican Sunflowers?

Mexican Sunflower Friend and garden expert, Ron Wilson, showcased one of my newest favorite flowers, Mexican sunflower. I saved seeds from last year and now have a nice row almost ready to bloom. Here’s what Ron has to say about these beautiful and easy to care for flowers: “One of my favorite, newly discovered for me, good for the pollinators, colorful annual is starting to … Continue reading Have you heard of Mexican Sunflowers?

Keep Container Garden Watered While Away

How can I keep my container garden watered while away on vacation? Always such timely information from friend and garden expert, Ron Wilson. Jul 2, 2020 6 TIPS TO WATERING YOUR CONTAINER GARDEN 1.) If possible, group your plants indoors or out in a semi-shadier location. By grouping your plants, they will provide shade for each other. The shaded spot will help them not dry … Continue reading Keep Container Garden Watered While Away

Orange Dust From Callery Pears

Orange Dust From Callery Pears – Buggy Joe and Jim Chatfield Jun 24, 2020 Wow! Along with the Saharan dust that’s enveloping some parts of the US, here in Southwestern Ohio we have another dust and it’s orange! See what friend and entomologist Joe Boggs, of Ohio State Extension, has to say. Also check out all of Joe’s good information on Ron Wilson‘s In the … Continue reading Orange Dust From Callery Pears

Wooly Aphids – Watch Out, They’re Here!

Woolly Aphids – Buggy Joe Boggs As usual, Joe Boggs, OSU Extension, gave some timely advice on Ron Wilson’s radio show Saturday. And boy could I relate. I’ve got wooly aphids on my snowball bush! Here’s a tutorial, photos and all – let me know if you have these little buggers, too. May 11, 2020 Thanks to the sharp eyes of Dave Bienemann (Municipal Arborist/Utility … Continue reading Wooly Aphids – Watch Out, They’re Here!

Morels! Yes, They’re Growing!

Friends Char and Butch with a morel harvest. One place there’s no worry about social distancing during these challenging times is when my friends, Charlene and Butch Castle and I go foraging for wild morel mushrooms.   We start out at the bottom of the hill. By the time we reach the top of the hill we have kept our distances naturally — in fact, … Continue reading Morels! Yes, They’re Growing!