Baked Swiss Cranberry Dip – Fan fave!

  This is for Amanda M., who said: “I am desperately looking for your cranberry holiday dip…” No kidding, once you taste this super easy appetizer, it will become a favorite. Daughter-in-law Jessie shared the recipe with me, but I can’t remember from whom she received it. As I always say, it’s not so important where a recipe originates, but what is important is that … Continue reading Baked Swiss Cranberry Dip – Fan fave!

Bible Foods: Cheese

This week on the Son Rise Morning Show, I chatted with Matt Swaim about cheese. Yes, cheese has an ancient Biblical history.  IN 2 Samuel 17:29 David was offered cheese, among other foods, after his foray for many days into the wilderness. Even during Bible times people were making use of what they called curdled milk to make into cheese. It was very important as a … Continue reading Bible Foods: Cheese

Black Bean & Corn Salsa for Labor Day

Like I do every Thursday morning, I chatted with Annie Mitchell on the Sonrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio about Bible foods & herbs. Today we talked about beans, and how these ancient legumes are so popular today. (Did you know that during Bible days beans were even used politically? A white bean was a “yes” vote; a dark bean a “no”.)  Back then, unless you were … Continue reading Black Bean & Corn Salsa for Labor Day