Hot Pickled Peppers and What are Those Lines on Peppers

Did you ever wonder what those vertical lines are on hot peppers? They are usually brownish in color and develop as the peppers ripen. It’s called “corking”, which means there’s minor striations or scaring on the ripened pepper.  What has happened is that the pepper needs to stretch to accommodate the quick growth during a lot of rain and plenty of sun. That growth spurt … Continue reading Hot Pickled Peppers and What are Those Lines on Peppers

Wasps On Your Property?

Ron Wilson From colleague Joe Boggs, OSU Extension, Aug 24, 2021 Entomologists consider any insect that belongs to the hymenopteran family Vespidae to be a wasp. This includes yellowjackets (Vespula spp. and Dolichovespula spp.), baldfaced hornets (D. maculata), and paper wasps (Polistes spp.). “Bees” belong to the hymenopteran family Apidae. Note that baldfaced hornets are lumped in with yellowjackets. That’s because “true hornets” belong to the genus Vespa. The only true hornet found in Ohio is the non-native … Continue reading Wasps On Your Property?

Blistered Corn, Corn Bread and Corny Tips

There’s one pot that stays on my stove for most of August. It’s my corn cooking pot. Yep, we eat fresh corn from our garden that much.  In fact, by the time husband Frank makes his way to the corn patch, I’ve got my pot at the sink, filling it with water. It’s interesting how the hot, dry weather has affected vegetables like the corn … Continue reading Blistered Corn, Corn Bread and Corny Tips

Slime Mold – Buggy Joe

Ron Wilson Slime Mold – Buggy Joe Aug 12, 2021 Last week, Pat Migliozzi (State Service Forester [extraordinaire], Ohio Department of Natural Resources) and I looked at an oak tree showing a most unusual symptom. The base of the tree looked like it had been dipped in white paint. The homeowner as well as a tree care professional were concerned the tree was suffering from a … Continue reading Slime Mold – Buggy Joe

Refrigerator/Freezer Grape Jam & Jelly

Today Matt Swaim, Sacred Heart Radio Sonrise Morning Show host, and I chatted about grapes. GRAPES (John: 15:5)Grapes are mentioned throughout the Bible and grapes were a staple food.  Mentioned more than any other plant in the entire Bible, the grape vine was very important culturally and economically in biblical times. Because of its centrality in everyday life, it is often used symbolically in Scripture. … Continue reading Refrigerator/Freezer Grape Jam & Jelly

Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Classic Z Bread

Whenever I mention sharing my “best of” recipes – the seasonal ones that have become cult favorites, there are several that get requested this time of year. Rated high on the list are zucchini bread recipes (after all, ’tis the season…) In particular double chocolate zucchini bread and classic zucchini bread. So I’m sharing both for you. The first recipe is for “chocolate zucchini bread/cake.”  … Continue reading Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Classic Z Bread

Roasted Fennel with Dill and Romano (or Parm)

Today Matt Swaim, Sonrise Morning Show Host, and I chatted about one of my favorite Bible foods: Fennel  EXODUS: 30:34-38 The name fennel is not used, but the word “Galbanum” is mentioned in this passage. Botanists believe this is a giant fennel, which is native to the Mediterranean region and southern Europe. Here’s the passage:  “And the Lord said to Moses, take sweet spices, and … Continue reading Roasted Fennel with Dill and Romano (or Parm)

Lace bugs = Bad – Buggy Joe

Ron Wilson Joe Boggs, OSU Extension, chatted with my pal and garden expert, Ron Wilson, recently on Ron’s national radio gardening show. It was all about lace bugs. Jul 28, 2021 Lace bugs (order Hemiptera; family Tingidae) are so named because of the lace-like pattern of the veins and membranes in their wings which are held flat over their body. Most lace bug species found in Ohio … Continue reading Lace bugs = Bad – Buggy Joe