Warming Tea and Bone Broth

As usual, on Thursdays, I chatted with Matt Swaim today and the subject was St. Blaise. He was a healer, especially for conditions of the throat. I thought it would be good to share a couple timely recipes now that we’re in flu and cold season (still!). The reason we have the blessing of throats on his feast day is when he was condemned to … Continue reading Warming Tea and Bone Broth

DIY Cranberry Orange Vodka: Oh Yes! And Doggie Biscuits

I had an executive culinary decision to make today. Requests for my clone of Wms. Sonoma peppermint bark are flowing in again. I honestly thought this cult favorite had made the rounds of our kitchens. I’m assuming there’s some newbies on board who want to make it. Then again, some requests are from readers who’ve been with me a while. So be patient — the … Continue reading DIY Cranberry Orange Vodka: Oh Yes! And Doggie Biscuits

Pucker Up with Vinegar

Homemade herbal vinegars Today on the Sonrise Morning Show I chatted with Annie Mitchell about vinegar – yes, vinegar has ancient Biblical roots. Jesus was given “sour wine”/wine which had turned to vinegar, when he was suffering on the cross. (John 19). The range of vinegars we have today is unparalleled – from cider to clear to wine to balsamic to herbal and more. When … Continue reading Pucker Up with Vinegar

Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Today Matt Swaim of the Sunrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio, had a fun chat about the origin of monastery gardens. Genesis 2:8-10. “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden…”  The ancient monastic community gardens were patterned somewhat after the Garden of Eden.  Monasteries of ancient times were physically separated from the outside world by walls and roofed structures. They were laid out so … Continue reading Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils