Best Caramel Corn with Mixed Nuts (aka Cracker Jack Caramel Corn)

When I get several requests for a recipe, I know it’s a hit. Like this crunchy, sweet, yet a bit salty, caramel corn with mixed nuts. I’m making more batches today to give away as edible  gifts for New Year’s.  And talking about New Year’s, I hope you have a healthy, peace filled, family and friend filled 2019! Best Caramel Corn with Mixed Nuts To … Continue reading Best Caramel Corn with Mixed Nuts (aka Cracker Jack Caramel Corn)

Christmas “Crack” Toffee

This week on the Sonrise Morning Show Matt Swaim and I chatted about the religious meaning of the 12 days of Christmas song.  Did you know the 3 French hens stand for faith, hope and love?  Pretty cool…I also shared this recipe – so addictive it’s known jokingly as Christmas “Crack”. I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday, filled with blessings of food, family … Continue reading Christmas “Crack” Toffee

Baked Swiss Cranberry Dip – Fan fave!

  This is for Amanda M., who said: “I am desperately looking for your cranberry holiday dip…” No kidding, once you taste this super easy appetizer, it will become a favorite. Daughter-in-law Jessie shared the recipe with me, but I can’t remember from whom she received it. As I always say, it’s not so important where a recipe originates, but what is important is that … Continue reading Baked Swiss Cranberry Dip – Fan fave!

Peppermint Bark: Why are my Layers Separating?

A couple of reasons for this, the main one being that you need to use high quality bar chocolate, not morsels, for both white and dark layers. (Now there are white morsels available made with cocoa butter – just found this out – but some experts still prefer the bar chocolate.) White chocolate should contain cocoa butter, NOT palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oil inhibits … Continue reading Peppermint Bark: Why are my Layers Separating?

Candy Box Chocolate Covered Cherries DIY

It was a request from a reader I couldn’t refuse. “Help! I always make chocolate covered cherries for New Year’s and I lost your recipe. Do you still have it?” And the answer is…yes. The first time I tasted these was when friend, Perrin Rountree, an Anderson Township reader, brought them to work during the holidays. Easy to make, there’s just a bit of technique … Continue reading Candy Box Chocolate Covered Cherries DIY

Friendship Soups in a Jar

I was chatting with Ron Wilson yesterday and shared a recipe from neighbor, Erin Phillips of Phillips Farm, for her pasta fagioli soup in a jar recipe. Well after the show I got several requests for that recipe, including Rose B.,  plus one I have shared before: Friendship soup in a jar. So both of these are shared here. These make wonderful, pantry stable gifts … Continue reading Friendship Soups in a Jar

Cranberry Almond Biscotti

When I was testing the cranberry almond biscotti recipe, my husband, Frank, kept taking slices off the baking sheet before I could bake them a second time. (Biscotti means twice baked).  A darn good testimonial, wouldn’t you say? This makes a lovely gift from the kitchen, too – pack it with a couple coffee mugs or teacups. Cranberry almond biscotti Maybe you’d like to sub … Continue reading Cranberry Almond Biscotti