Reminiscing and a Memorial Day Steak

For years, I wrote a cooking column for the Press/Recorder newspapers here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. At one time, there were almost 2 dozen papers under the corporate umbrella. I got word a couple weeks ago that the paper will cease publication. So sad. Another iconic community newspaper gone. And certainly a sense of community gone, too. Originally, the papers were tossed onto porches … Continue reading Reminiscing and a Memorial Day Steak

Container Mary Garden for Mother’s Day

My Mary Garden Each week I chat with Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show. Today, since Mother’s Day is this weekend, we talked about Mary Garden’s. Here’s some fun information. A MARY GARDEN  Mary Gardens were started during medieval times and were usually gardens that were enclosed, often in monasteries.  I have always felt that an herb garden needs a statue of Mary, even before … Continue reading Container Mary Garden for Mother’s Day

Growing Bible Microgreens

Each week as you may know, I chat with Matt Swaim on Sacred Heart Radio, Sonrise Morning Show. Today, with Earth Day around the corner, we talked about the plants we’ve been blessed to have and how to grow them quickly as microgreens. What are microgreens? Most folks know what sprouts are – I grow those usually in water. They are eaten when the first … Continue reading Growing Bible Microgreens

Updated Recipe Majadara

There’s one recipe that we make without fail during Lent: Majadra. It’s a most delicious, wholesome Middle Eastern peasant lentil dish with rice, caramelized onions, and laban/yogurt.  My mom’s hand-written recipe is titled “Majadra”. You may know it as Mujadarra, Moujadara, or Mujadara.  The main ingredients are lentils, onions, rice and yogurt.  Lentils have been grown for thousands of years, even mentioned in the Bible … Continue reading Updated Recipe Majadara

City Chicken: A Ukranian/Polish Dish

Food can connect us in myriad ways. Like the city chicken recipe I’m sharing today.  But here’s the twist: city chicken is made with pork, not chicken.  I did a bit of sleuthing to find out why.  City chicken originated with the Polish and Ukrainian communities who immigrated to the Great Lakes region during the Depression. Cleveland and Pittsburgh were known for city chicken.  Earlier … Continue reading City Chicken: A Ukranian/Polish Dish

Scallops 101

One of my most popular cooking classes is “Fish without fear”.  Quality seafood is expensive, and Lent is the optimum time to explore cooking seafood, since you’ll usually find a good variety at a decent price.  When I teach a seafood class, I always include scallops, since students find them the most intriguing. Yet they are one of the easiest to cook! Scallops are amazingly … Continue reading Scallops 101