Creme Brulee? Yes You Can!

The homes on my old country road are already getting decked out for the holidays. How about where you live? Yep, in a couple of days Thanksgiving will be a happy memory, so it’s time to think about special food for December holidays.  For me, that means saving eggs from my girls/chickens since they’re molting and egg production is not peak. Lots of my favorite … Continue reading Creme Brulee? Yes You Can!

Corn Pudding 2 Ways: Both Yummy!

  Well, I have a confession to make. About corn pudding. I’ve never made one of the most popular recipes, which contains corn muffin mix and sour cream. I make corn pudding with corn from our garden or store bought frozen corn. The recipe contains whipping cream, which makes for a silky smooth custard. It’s not fancy looking but oh so good. That all changed … Continue reading Corn Pudding 2 Ways: Both Yummy!