Boone County Arboretum Annual Tea Recipes

Oh gosh, I had so much fun doing my first Zoom presentation for the Boone County Arboretum’s Annual Tea with Josh, Nicole, Stephanie, Donna, and Kris last night. Log onto to their site to see just how lovely and productive this community arboretum is. There may be time for you to bid at the silent auction, too. My talk was about the 4 seasons and … Continue reading Boone County Arboretum Annual Tea Recipes

BBQ Baby Back/Loin Pork Ribs

There’s a “gift without ribbons” growing abundantly, and might I say, aggressively, in my herb garden. Check the photo out — it’s a pumpkin vine! No one’s sure how it got there. Anyway, it has taken over the medicinal and culinary areas of my herb garden, and is now vining out over the garden wall and into the Bible herbs area. So far it hasn’t … Continue reading BBQ Baby Back/Loin Pork Ribs

Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Today Matt Swaim of the Sunrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio, had a fun chat about the origin of monastery gardens. Genesis 2:8-10. “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden…”  The ancient monastic community gardens were patterned somewhat after the Garden of Eden.  Monasteries of ancient times were physically separated from the outside world by walls and roofed structures. They were laid out so … Continue reading Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Ginger “Beer” – Make it Yourself

Ginger “beer” ready to bottle Oh gosh, I wanted to wait to publish this recipe for not only my site here, but for my readers of my newspaper columns. But so many of you wanted it after hearing me chat with Ron Wilsonon his radio show Sat April 25 that I thought it best to share it now. I am enjoying a glass of well … Continue reading Ginger “Beer” – Make it Yourself

DIY Soft Buttery Pretzels and Cheese Beer Dip

Today on the Sonrise Morning Show, Matt Swaimand I chatted, as we do every week about Bible foods & herbs. Today the topic was pretzels and also beer. Here’s the ancient history of these foods eaten during Lent in olden times, plus some super recipes. PRETZELS: The pretzel has a deep spiritual meaning for Lent. In fact, it was the ancient Christian Lenten bread as far … Continue reading DIY Soft Buttery Pretzels and Cheese Beer Dip