How to Plant your New Trees

Another helpful bunch of tips from friend and colleague and garden expert, Ron Wilson, .Home > Plant Care > Tree Care Guide   As the largest tree grower serving Mason, West Chester, Ohio, and the Tri-State area, we know how to get your new tree sapling off to a great start. Here are our tips on how to plant your new tree: Here are some … Continue reading How to Plant your New Trees

How to Control Moles in the Garden

From friend and colleague, Ron Wilson, garden expert. Moles are one of the most common and most frustrating lawns and garden pest problems.  With that in mind before deciding what your game plant is take the time to visit the website of our local mole expert, Mr. Tom Schmidt .  You may choose to live with them or try your hand at removing them from your … Continue reading How to Control Moles in the Garden

Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Today Matt Swaim of the Sunrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio, had a fun chat about the origin of monastery gardens. Genesis 2:8-10. “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden…”  The ancient monastic community gardens were patterned somewhat after the Garden of Eden.  Monasteries of ancient times were physically separated from the outside world by walls and roofed structures. They were laid out so … Continue reading Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Strawberry Pie like Famous Restaurants

As I was going through my notes from you, it dawned on me again that this site is a journal of sorts. Of your lives and mine. And it’s not just about food. In the process of cooking more and eating at home more during this pandemic, we’re realizing that eating together without having to rush out somewhere has its advantages.  We’re continuing to be … Continue reading Strawberry Pie like Famous Restaurants

Memorial Day Mass and the Covered Bridge

Thought you’d like to see what we do each Memorial Day: attend mass at our little country church, St. Philomena here in Clermont County outside the church. The service is on the side entrance to one part of the cemetery. The church, as you can see, is historic. My mom, dad and sis are buried there. A little bit aways down from the church is … Continue reading Memorial Day Mass and the Covered Bridge

Pass the Peas (7 Layer Salad w Peas) Please!

Today, as usual, Matt Swaim and I had our Thursday morning chat on the Sonrise Morning Show. The subject was peas. I’m growing peas and love them. PEAS Beans are mentioned in the Bible, and Biblical scholars believe peas were included, as well, since they are part of the pulse/legume family and were eaten during Bible times. 2 SAMUEL 27:28:  They brought him and those who … Continue reading Pass the Peas (7 Layer Salad w Peas) Please!

Wooly Aphids – Watch Out, They’re Here!

Woolly Aphids – Buggy Joe Boggs As usual, Joe Boggs, OSU Extension, gave some timely advice on Ron Wilson’s radio show Saturday. And boy could I relate. I’ve got wooly aphids on my snowball bush! Here’s a tutorial, photos and all – let me know if you have these little buggers, too. May 11, 2020 Thanks to the sharp eyes of Dave Bienemann (Municipal Arborist/Utility … Continue reading Wooly Aphids – Watch Out, They’re Here!

Best Cookies to Tote for Picnics

At this writing, I’m not sure how we’ll be celebrating Memorial Day honoring our country’s fallen heroes. Will we take our boat out to the lake? A picnic with family and friends? Or will we still be sheltering in place, celebrating with perhaps a small group?  Regardless, cookies will be part of the celebration. Easy to make, easy to tote, easy and yummy to eat, … Continue reading Best Cookies to Tote for Picnics

Grow your own Ginger!

Photo of ginger root growing Each piece should be plump with well-developed growth buds, or eyes. I like to soak the ginger rhizome overnight to hasten the growing process. Plant the rhizomes 6 to 8 inches apart, 2 to 4 inches deep, and with the growth buds pointing upward. They can be planted whole or in smaller pieces with a couple of growing buds each. … Continue reading Grow your own Ginger!