MY PASTA FAGIOLI One of my most requested. It’s not like the pasta fagioli soup, but is a wonderful pasta with the best sauce. For Carol F., who wants to make it for her vegetarian niece for Christmas.   Made with whole wheat pasta, you’ll taste a nuttiness that you won’t get with regular white pasta. You’ll never miss the meat! While the pasta is boiling, make … Continue reading MY PASTA FAGIOLI

Photo Tutorial How To Prepare Pumpkins, Squash

Check out our red truck in the field with Farmer Bruner gathering pumpkins and squash. I like to poke them with a fork, microwave for a couple of minutes, pull them out with mitts, let cool and then peel or cut. My friend, Matt Swaim, cuts off the bottom of butternut squash and then stands them up to peel. No microwaving needed. Like spaghetti squash? … Continue reading Photo Tutorial How To Prepare Pumpkins, Squash

Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sage

Gourds are mentioned in the Bible in several places.  Lots of different types of wild gourds abounded in the Mediterranean region. Some were edible, some were not.  In 2 Kings 4:39, when Elisha had his people around him, one of his servants put a gourd into a pot of stew. In Jonah 4:6-10, the gourd is identified as the plant under which Jonah found shade. … Continue reading Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sage

Spanish Style Gazpacho and Manchego Crostini

Today I decided to try a recipe for “really the best gazpacho ever” shared a while ago by a reader. My reason for trying it today was that I harvested a basket of ripe tomatoes with spots or cracks and had to do something with them, and quick.  So I cut bad parts off and plugged in my blender. I blended the tomatoes with red … Continue reading Spanish Style Gazpacho and Manchego Crostini

Rye/Spelt from Bible Days Star in Biscuits and Salad

Granddaughters Em and El walking through the field of rye. As you know, each week I chat with Matt Swaim on the Sunrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio. Today the subject was spelt and rye. Wow, these ancient grains are known as one and the same according to some Bible scholars. Here’s some interesting information, along with 2 yummy recipes. Spelt –  Exodus 4:9 “Also take wheat, … Continue reading Rye/Spelt from Bible Days Star in Biscuits and Salad

Jaime’s Chicken Pad Thai

I was really hungry for Pad Thai, that delicious Thai stir fry with rice noodles. Going through my recipes, I ran across a favorite from Jaime Carmody, Chef Proprietor of Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio in Symmes Township here in Cincinnati. It was from 2016! Seems just like yesterday that Jaime and I cooked together. I’ve adapted her recipe slightly. It’s worth buying small bottles … Continue reading Jaime’s Chicken Pad Thai

Corn Salad with Feta and Walnuts

Each week when I talk to Matt Swaim on the Sunrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio, I share some fun information about Bible foods and herbs and a recipe to go with the topic. Today, though, we talked about the bitter herbs wormwood and rue – we don’t commonly use those in recipes. (Chefs, though, are using absinthe which is flavored with wormwood, in seafood, … Continue reading Corn Salad with Feta and Walnuts