Bladdernut Slug Sawfly – Buggy Joe Boggs

From colleague Joe Boggs, OSU Extension. Sep 10, 2021 I’ve been posting BYGL Alerts about the Scarlet Oak Sawfly (Caliroa quercuscoccineae(Dyar)) for years. Despite this sawfly’s common name, the larvae may be found feeding on a wide range of oaks belonging to both the white and red oak groups. This native sawfly has a reputation for producing occasional outbreaks causing heavy defoliation of trees in Ohio … Continue reading Bladdernut Slug Sawfly – Buggy Joe Boggs

Summer Watering Tips

Home > Plant Care > In the Garden Blog > Gardening Tips > Summer Watering Tips From colleague and garden expert, Ron Wilson of Natorp’s nursery, another timely tip for summer. SUMMER WATERING PLANT TIP During the heat, you need to make sure to check your plants often. Always check your plants each time before you water. Physically and visually check to make sure water is needed by pulling the mulch aside to … Continue reading Summer Watering Tips

How to Plant your New Trees

Another helpful bunch of tips from friend and colleague and garden expert, Ron Wilson, .Home > Plant Care > Tree Care Guide   As the largest tree grower serving Mason, West Chester, Ohio, and the Tri-State area, we know how to get your new tree sapling off to a great start. Here are our tips on how to plant your new tree: Here are some … Continue reading How to Plant your New Trees