Homemade Gripe Water

Chamomile is one of the ingredients in gripe water Kathy W., a reader, wanted to know how to make Gripe water. Wow! I love that folks are going back to homemade remedies. Gripe water is an old fashioned medicine that is often used to help ease pain and discomfort experienced by infants. The home remedy can be used to soothe tummy upset pain associated with teething and … Continue reading Homemade Gripe Water

Feel Better Remedies from the Bible

Many of the herbs and foods commonly used from Bible days on, along with old fashioned home remedies your Mom or Grandma used, when used properly, can be your body’s best and least costly defense against colds and the flu. These remedies also help to minimize the misery if you do get a cold or the flu. That’s just what Matt Swaim of the Sonrise … Continue reading Feel Better Remedies from the Bible

Spicy Fruit Salad and Pineapple Infusion

    During the holidays, I had my girl friends over for lunch. Each of them brought a salad and I made the main entre, a grilled flat iron steak, served room temperature. Even though I didn’t specify what kind of salad to bring, they were all different! My friend Lainie brought a very unusual, winter fruit salad. Spicy and sweet and so refreshing. Since … Continue reading Spicy Fruit Salad and Pineapple Infusion