Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Today Matt Swaim of the Sunrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio, had a fun chat about the origin of monastery gardens. Genesis 2:8-10. “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden…”  The ancient monastic community gardens were patterned somewhat after the Garden of Eden.  Monasteries of ancient times were physically separated from the outside world by walls and roofed structures. They were laid out so … Continue reading Monastery Garden Herbs and Dipping Oils

Strawberry Pie like Famous Restaurants

As I was going through my notes from you, it dawned on me again that this site is a journal of sorts. Of your lives and mine. And it’s not just about food. In the process of cooking more and eating at home more during this pandemic, we’re realizing that eating together without having to rush out somewhere has its advantages.  We’re continuing to be … Continue reading Strawberry Pie like Famous Restaurants

My own Hummus and Tabouleh

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve made these 2 Middle Eastern specialties. I grew up with tabouleh and hummus has been a standard on my table for decades.  For Penny Thompson, an Anderson Township, Cincinnati, reader, who wanted to make both of these. As I always say, go to taste – nothing was measured back in the day…. Rita’s Family’s Hummus … Continue reading My own Hummus and Tabouleh

It’s the Berries – Cranberries, that is!

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without cranberries. And did you know how to tell if they’re ripe? Drop one on the counter – if it bounces, you’re good to go! Here are some treasured cranberry recipes. The first one, baked cranberries, is for Debbie. The others are for those of you who asked for them. And remember this little saying: CONTENTMENT: Is not the fulfillment of … Continue reading It’s the Berries – Cranberries, that is!

The Apple and Adam & Eve, 3 Ingredient Apple Pie Cups and Why You Should Never Peel Apples…

Today Matt Swaim and I chatted about apples on my weekly Bible Foods & Herbs segment on the Sunrise Morning Show. APPLES There’s been a debate for years about the “forbidden fruit” mentioned in Genesis, Chapter 3 where we learn about Eve tempting Adam with the only fruit they were not permitted to eat. Some scholars say it may not have been an apple at all, but … Continue reading The Apple and Adam & Eve, 3 Ingredient Apple Pie Cups and Why You Should Never Peel Apples…

German Potato Salad for Oktoberfest

I published this a few days ago but some of you couldn’t find it. Here it is again. Oktoberfest German potato salad If you like a more tart sauce, add more vinegar; ditto with sugar if you like it a bit sweeter. I dug up potatoes from the garden. Some were red boilers, others were white bakers.  Ingredients Boiled or steamed and sliced potatoes, kept … Continue reading German Potato Salad for Oktoberfest

Jaime’s Chicken Pad Thai

I was really hungry for Pad Thai, that delicious Thai stir fry with rice noodles. Going through my recipes, I ran across a favorite from Jaime Carmody, Chef Proprietor of Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio in Symmes Township here in Cincinnati. It was from 2016! Seems just like yesterday that Jaime and I cooked together. I’ve adapted her recipe slightly. It’s worth buying small bottles … Continue reading Jaime’s Chicken Pad Thai

Shield’s Tavern Seasonal Berry “Salat”

Reader and adventurous cook Lois Boekley deconstructed this famous Colonial Williamsburg salad. (The restaurant shared the recipe which made several gallons!) “Spiced pecans make a great snack on their own”, Lois said.  Her husband, Ken, gave this a 2 thumbs up. I can’t wait to make this “salat”. Shield’s Tavern Seasonal Berry Salat This delicious salad was served to my husband and me at Shield’s Tavern … Continue reading Shield’s Tavern Seasonal Berry “Salat”

Carol’s Healthy Banana Pecan Muffins

My oldest and bestests friend Carol Spry Vanover, often reconstructs recipes to make them healthier. Here’s a super example of yum and health all melded into one delish muffin! For Emily, who misplaced the recipe and wanted to make it again. Carol’s Healthy Banana Pecan Muffins Ingredients 3 large ripe bananas ¾ cup Splenda 1 egg, slightly beaten 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. baking … Continue reading Carol’s Healthy Banana Pecan Muffins

Chili like Zip’s Cafe

Update on Zip’s chili: Both Main Street Cafe and Zip’s Chili are owned separately today. (At the time of the article below written years ago, both restaurants were family owned). Dave Murrie owns Main Street Cafe in Newton, and Mike Burke owns Zip’s Cafe in Mt. Lookout. Mike has worked at Zip’s, off and on, since he was 15! He purchased Zip’s from Brian Murrie over 4 … Continue reading Chili like Zip’s Cafe