Bladdernut Slug Sawfly – Buggy Joe Boggs

From colleague Joe Boggs, OSU Extension. Sep 10, 2021 I’ve been posting BYGL Alerts about the Scarlet Oak Sawfly (Caliroa quercuscoccineae(Dyar)) for years. Despite this sawfly’s common name, the larvae may be found feeding on a wide range of oaks belonging to both the white and red oak groups. This native sawfly has a reputation for producing occasional outbreaks causing heavy defoliation of trees in Ohio … Continue reading Bladdernut Slug Sawfly – Buggy Joe Boggs

Annie’s Delish Lasagna Rollups

Today on the Sonrise Morning Show, Matt Swaim and I talked about wheat and how this staple grain was harvested and milled during Bible days. It was threshed, then ground on stone mills every day! The recipe I chose to share using wheat is my colleague and co-host of the morning Show, Annie Mitchell Egan’s recipe for her family’s version of lasagna. As Annie said … Continue reading Annie’s Delish Lasagna Rollups

Mysterious Bird Illness Ohio

From colleague Ron Wilson By: Marne Titchenell Sep 20, 2021 The following is an update on the bird illness that has been impacting certain species of songbirds across Ohio. To date, the cause of the illness is still unknown, however, the recommendation to stop feeding birds has been lifted. Why? Reports of sick or dead birds affected by the illness have slowed considerably in Ohio. … Continue reading Mysterious Bird Illness Ohio

Fall Armyworms March Across Ohio

From friend and colleague, Ron Wilson Sep 3, 2021 OSU Extension county offices across the state are receiving e-mails and phone calls about Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda, family Noctuidae) causing substantial injury to turfgrass. Thus far, it appears that fall armyworm is the dominant culprit rather thanYellowstripedArmyworm (S. ornithogalli) and Common Armyworm (Mythimna convecta). Fall and yellowstriped armyworms are semi-tropical species that “fly” north each season. We … Continue reading Fall Armyworms March Across Ohio

Blackberry Cobblettes

A few years ago I planted thornless blackberry vines. We love blackberries, but boy oh boy are those thorns mean. Thus the reason for planting thornless blackberries. Anyway, those vines never did produce berries, so I dug them up and planted them on the hillside bordering our property along the East Fork River. I thought they would be good to keep the hillside stable. Well, … Continue reading Blackberry Cobblettes