Spring Stir Fry: DIY Universal Stir Fry Sauce

“Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold, pease porridge in the pot 9 days old.”  My garden peas have pushed through the soil, still tiny but looking strong. For some reason, that childhood rhyme came to mind, so indulge me!  Peas are really a lovely seasonal vegetable, so when they’re abundant, peas are in my meal rotation a lot.  These legumes are good for you, too. … Continue reading Spring Stir Fry: DIY Universal Stir Fry Sauce

Chorizo Nachos with Homemade White Queso

 Photo credit kitchn.com Today, Matt Swaim from Sacred Heart Radio’s Sonrise Morning Show and I talked about the upcoming All Saints and All Souls Day and how they relate to a secular Halloween.   When was All Saints Day first instituted? Lots of legends abound about the beginning of All Saints Day. From what I can gather, though, way back in the 800’s the Pope … Continue reading Chorizo Nachos with Homemade White Queso

1 Hour Yeast Rolls – Yes You Can!

I was getting ingredients out of the pantry to make a batch of one hour yeast rolls for dinner, when Oliver Phillips, my 10 year old neighbor, called. Oliver wanted to come over and “make something”. So he and I made the rolls together. I let Oliver do the measuring and mixing. “Does this seem hard to you?” I asked. “Not at all,” he said. … Continue reading 1 Hour Yeast Rolls – Yes You Can!

Herbs Preserved in Salt or Sugar

I’ve been growing herbs for many years and some of you have, too. Then there are those who began planting herbs during the pandemic, and found that these gifts from nature are easy to grow and add so much flavor to foods.  Enjoy the flavor and nutrition of herbs long after the harvest season is over by preserving them.  I’ve preserved herbs in too many … Continue reading Herbs Preserved in Salt or Sugar

Mysterious Bird Illness Ohio

From colleague Ron Wilson By: Marne Titchenell Sep 20, 2021 The following is an update on the bird illness that has been impacting certain species of songbirds across Ohio. To date, the cause of the illness is still unknown, however, the recommendation to stop feeding birds has been lifted. Why? Reports of sick or dead birds affected by the illness have slowed considerably in Ohio. … Continue reading Mysterious Bird Illness Ohio


Today Matt Swaim, Sonrise Morning Show, and I chatted about butter and its significance during Bible days. BUTTERProverbs 30:33: “As the churning of cream yields butter, and a blow to the nose causes bleeding, so anger causes quarrels.” Butter was churned by hand between two poles with a skin suspended between filled with cream. It was shaken back and forth and viola: Butter! What’s the … Continue reading NIEMAN MARCUS COOKIES

Bible Breakfast to Go

This week, Matt Swaim of Sonrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio, chatted with me about what makes a good breakfast and how what we eat today compares with the Bible breakfast during Jesus’ time. Here’s some fun information: Exodus 16: When the dew evaporates in the morning, there’s the manna, ready for breakfast! John 21, when Jesus cooks fish breakfast for Peter on the beach and … Continue reading Bible Breakfast to Go

Fall Armyworms March Across Ohio

From friend and colleague, Ron Wilson Sep 3, 2021 OSU Extension county offices across the state are receiving e-mails and phone calls about Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda, family Noctuidae) causing substantial injury to turfgrass. Thus far, it appears that fall armyworm is the dominant culprit rather thanYellowstripedArmyworm (S. ornithogalli) and Common Armyworm (Mythimna convecta). Fall and yellowstriped armyworms are semi-tropical species that “fly” north each season. We … Continue reading Fall Armyworms March Across Ohio

Blackberry Cobblettes

A few years ago I planted thornless blackberry vines. We love blackberries, but boy oh boy are those thorns mean. Thus the reason for planting thornless blackberries. Anyway, those vines never did produce berries, so I dug them up and planted them on the hillside bordering our property along the East Fork River. I thought they would be good to keep the hillside stable. Well, … Continue reading Blackberry Cobblettes

Hot Pickled Peppers and What are Those Lines on Peppers

Did you ever wonder what those vertical lines are on hot peppers? They are usually brownish in color and develop as the peppers ripen. It’s called “corking”, which means there’s minor striations or scaring on the ripened pepper.  What has happened is that the pepper needs to stretch to accommodate the quick growth during a lot of rain and plenty of sun. That growth spurt … Continue reading Hot Pickled Peppers and What are Those Lines on Peppers

Wasps On Your Property?

Ron Wilson From colleague Joe Boggs, OSU Extension, Aug 24, 2021 Entomologists consider any insect that belongs to the hymenopteran family Vespidae to be a wasp. This includes yellowjackets (Vespula spp. and Dolichovespula spp.), baldfaced hornets (D. maculata), and paper wasps (Polistes spp.). “Bees” belong to the hymenopteran family Apidae. Note that baldfaced hornets are lumped in with yellowjackets. That’s because “true hornets” belong to the genus Vespa. The only true hornet found in Ohio is the non-native … Continue reading Wasps On Your Property?

Blistered Corn, Corn Bread and Corny Tips

There’s one pot that stays on my stove for most of August. It’s my corn cooking pot. Yep, we eat fresh corn from our garden that much.  In fact, by the time husband Frank makes his way to the corn patch, I’ve got my pot at the sink, filling it with water. It’s interesting how the hot, dry weather has affected vegetables like the corn … Continue reading Blistered Corn, Corn Bread and Corny Tips

Slime Mold – Buggy Joe

Ron Wilson Slime Mold – Buggy Joe Aug 12, 2021 Last week, Pat Migliozzi (State Service Forester [extraordinaire], Ohio Department of Natural Resources) and I looked at an oak tree showing a most unusual symptom. The base of the tree looked like it had been dipped in white paint. The homeowner as well as a tree care professional were concerned the tree was suffering from a … Continue reading Slime Mold – Buggy Joe