Another Load of Black Gold and Chicken Chili

It has been a busy and rewarding week here on my little patch of heaven. We ventured along fence rows to pluck the last autumn olive berries and spice bush berries.  The autumn olive berries will be cooked and dehydrated for fruit leather and the spice bush berries dried and ground for seasoning. The week ended with our long-time friend Ray Davis, an Owensville, Ohio … Continue reading Another Load of Black Gold and Chicken Chili

Herbal Substitutes for Bible Foods

How fun it is to chat with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio each Thursday morning. Today we talked about herbal subs for Bible foods, particularly vegetables. And it all starts with the book of Daniel: Daniel 1:12  states, “Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables [pulses] to eat and water to drink.” As Matt mentioned, after … Continue reading Herbal Substitutes for Bible Foods

Bladdernut Slug Sawfly – Buggy Joe Boggs

From colleague Joe Boggs, OSU Extension. Sep 10, 2021 I’ve been posting BYGL Alerts about the Scarlet Oak Sawfly (Caliroa quercuscoccineae(Dyar)) for years. Despite this sawfly’s common name, the larvae may be found feeding on a wide range of oaks belonging to both the white and red oak groups. This native sawfly has a reputation for producing occasional outbreaks causing heavy defoliation of trees in Ohio … Continue reading Bladdernut Slug Sawfly – Buggy Joe Boggs

Wasps On Your Property?

Ron Wilson From colleague Joe Boggs, OSU Extension, Aug 24, 2021 Entomologists consider any insect that belongs to the hymenopteran family Vespidae to be a wasp. This includes yellowjackets (Vespula spp. and Dolichovespula spp.), baldfaced hornets (D. maculata), and paper wasps (Polistes spp.). “Bees” belong to the hymenopteran family Apidae. Note that baldfaced hornets are lumped in with yellowjackets. That’s because “true hornets” belong to the genus Vespa. The only true hornet found in Ohio is the non-native … Continue reading Wasps On Your Property?

Cucumbers: How to Grow and 2 Summer Recipes

Today Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show on Sacred Heart Radio chatted about cucumbers. This ancient vegetable has Biblical roots. It’s as popular today as it was back then.\ Numbers 11: 5-6 When the people wept “Oh that we had some of the delicious fish we enjoyed in Egypt  – cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic…” I am sure they ate most of them … Continue reading Cucumbers: How to Grow and 2 Summer Recipes

Troubling Tick Season Expected 

Ron Wilson Jun 16, 2021 From friend and colleague, Ron Wilson: Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Writer(s): Alayna DeMartini Source(s): Risa Pesapane Cicadas may be getting a lot of hype these days for their cameo appearance, but one of the state’s year-round regulars can cause a whole lot more problems.  Less exotic looking than cicadas and far smaller, ticks are easy to … Continue reading Troubling Tick Season Expected 

Summer Watering Tips

Home > Plant Care > In the Garden Blog > Gardening Tips > Summer Watering Tips From colleague and garden expert, Ron Wilson of Natorp’s nursery, another timely tip for summer. SUMMER WATERING PLANT TIP During the heat, you need to make sure to check your plants often. Always check your plants each time before you water. Physically and visually check to make sure water is needed by pulling the mulch aside to … Continue reading Summer Watering Tips

Why are my tomatoes turning black?

From friend and garden expert, Ron Wilson/Natorp’s Nursery. Home > Plant Care > Why are my tomatoes turning black? The common gardening question, “Why are my tomatoes turning black?” The answer is Blossom End Rot. Blossom End Rot usually occurs earlier in the season, due to up and down temperatures, poor plant establishment, wet spring, and tapers off as the season progresses and plants become better rooted and weather adjusts.  It … Continue reading Why are my tomatoes turning black?

Raised Beds vs Container Gardening: What’s the difference and which one is best for you?

Today on the Son Rise Morning Show, Matt Swaim and I talked about gardening. Raised beds rest directly on the ground and raise the soil level up by as much as two feet, while container gardening uses enclosed pots that you can move. Both container gardens and raised beds warm up quicker than an in ground garden.Raised beds are often larger than containers, although some pots … Continue reading Raised Beds vs Container Gardening: What’s the difference and which one is best for you?

5 Good Container Herbs for Cooking

When Mother Nature offers her wild bounty, she doesn’t take into account we may be busy with other things, like harvesting spring produce or working to patch leaky gutters. That’s why I’m a bit late in getting this column to my editors. For the past week, along with regular chores, we’ve been outdoors, sometimes over hill and dale, foraging for wild edibles. Morels are in … Continue reading 5 Good Container Herbs for Cooking