Next up: Salmon Corn Chowder

Well, how could I resist? I just had to make salmon corn chowder. Why? Thank colleague Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show. We chatted early today and I shared a chicken chowder recipe (see chicken corn chowder post).  Matt is a creative and sometimes “out of the box” cook and said he makes a version using salmon and shallots and whipping cream. So except … Continue reading Next up: Salmon Corn Chowder

A Chicken Corn Chowder Kind of Soup Day

I chatted with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show about chicken and its ancient Biblical roots. Did you know chickens were originally bred for cockfighting? I’m glad some savvy person way back then thought they might be good to eat. Here’s a recipe perfect for a bone chilling day like today. It’s about 22 degrees with a chill factor of 15. See how my blankets … Continue reading A Chicken Corn Chowder Kind of Soup Day

Frisch’s Vegetable Soup “Clones”

Gosh, some recipes live on and on, and produce “offspring”, as well. That’s how it is with my and readers’ versions of the famous Frisch’s Big Boy vegetable soup. Now none of these are exactly like Frisch’s veggie soup, since the last time I chatted with them several years ago, was told they use marrow bone and no ground beef or meat in theirs.  Plus … Continue reading Frisch’s Vegetable Soup “Clones”

Friendship Soups in a Jar

I was chatting with Ron Wilson yesterday and shared a recipe from neighbor, Erin Phillips of Phillips Farm, for her pasta fagioli soup in a jar recipe. Well after the show I got several requests for that recipe, including Rose B.,  plus one I have shared before: Friendship soup in a jar. So both of these are shared here. These make wonderful, pantry stable gifts … Continue reading Friendship Soups in a Jar

Homemade Chicken Stock Good for What Ails You

My friend, Marylee Olinger, a talented from scratch cook, called me about a chicken stock recipe adapted from Ina Garten that I published in my syndicated column here in Cincinnati and Northern Ky. ” The recipe didn’t include parsnips and dill which Ina puts in her stock, and so do I”, she said. “Check out that particular stock recipe from Ina online”, Marylee told me. … Continue reading Homemade Chicken Stock Good for What Ails You

Creamy/chunky potato soup for St. Patrick’s Day

When I was in first grade at St. Margaret of Cortona School in Madison Place, Sister Justina asked me why I wasn’t wearing a green ribbon in my hair for St. Patrick’s Day.  “Because I’m Lebanese”, I replied timidly. That’s all changed, and even I’m a bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Creamy or chunky potato soup You can eliminate the bacon and use vegetable … Continue reading Creamy/chunky potato soup for St. Patrick’s Day