Perrin’s No Fail Pie Crust and Pecan Pie

For years it was like a gray  “culinary” cloud over my head.  I called it pie crust envy. My mom was the first to try to teach me to make a flaky and tender pie crust.  “Just don’t overwork the dough, use a light hand” she told me.  At the time I read something in a cookbook that said “work the shortening into the flour … Continue reading Perrin’s No Fail Pie Crust and Pecan Pie

Strawberry Pie & Strawberry Detox water

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know strawberries are a member of the rose family? And that they are an ancient fruit, over 2000 years old? Our cultivated berries started out as wild childs… Ancient Romans loved strawberries and found them a superior medicinal fruit. Strawberries contain a lot of Vitamin C, among other nutrients. Plus a good amount of fiber. Today Matt Swaim, Sacred … Continue reading Strawberry Pie & Strawberry Detox water

Strawberry Pie like Famous Restaurants

As I was going through my notes from you, it dawned on me again that this site is a journal of sorts. Of your lives and mine. And it’s not just about food. In the process of cooking more and eating at home more during this pandemic, we’re realizing that eating together without having to rush out somewhere has its advantages.  We’re continuing to be … Continue reading Strawberry Pie like Famous Restaurants

My “Clone” Frisch’s Pumpkin Pie

This week Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio, talked about cloves. Of course, cloves are an ingredient in pumpkin pie spice. Cloves are mentioned here in the Bible: Chronicles 9:9: When the Queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame, she went to him and gave him rare jewels and spices, including cloves. Cloves were a rare spice in Bible days. Cloves … Continue reading My “Clone” Frisch’s Pumpkin Pie

Holiday Pecan Pie

Take a look at the pecan pie with that pretty collar of whipped cream. I usually dollop whipped cream right in the center of the pie, but my crust broke a bit when I cut it, so I used whipped cream as a culinary “bandaid”. No one knew the difference, and I didn’t mention it. And if your pumpkin pie shrinks a little from the … Continue reading Holiday Pecan Pie

Easy Blueberry Cobbler

Easy blueberry cobbler This makes a cake-like crust. Ingredients 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 1-1/4 cups self-rising flour 1/2 cup half & half or milk 6 tablespoons butter, melted 2 heaping cups blueberries 1/3 cup sugar Instructions Preheat oven to 350 and spray a casserole pan.  She said use a 2 or 3 quart casserole pan. aWhisk condensed milk, vanilla, flour, half … Continue reading Easy Blueberry Cobbler

Blind Baking Pie Crust

This is from King Arthur Flour’s Site.  Just the best tutorial on baking pie crusts!! How to blind bake pie crust: pre-baking yields perfect results What does it mean to blind bake a pie crust? Well, hearkening back to Merrie Olde England, where the term originated, blind baking a pie crust is simply pre-baking the crust, without filling, then adding the filling once the crust … Continue reading Blind Baking Pie Crust

Raspberry and Strawberry Pies – Oh My!

Each week I chat with Matt Swaim, Sacred Heart Radio, about Bible foods and herbs. Today the topic was bramble berries: Luke 6:44-45 – 
For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit….for figs are not gathered from thorns, nor are grapes picked from a bramble bush…” One of the first things people notice in the Middle East … Continue reading Raspberry and Strawberry Pies – Oh My!

Make Rhubarb Pie with Pie Plant

Right now I’m waiting for a rhubarb custard pie to finish baking. As I was assembling the pie with the help of granddaughter, Ellery, age 4 (yes, it’s that easy), I was wondering how many of you eat and/or grow rhubarb.  Maybe you know rhubarb as the “pie plant”. Technically, rhubarb is a vegetable, not a fruit. Strawberry rhubarb pie is a rite of spring. … Continue reading Make Rhubarb Pie with Pie Plant

Time to make Asparagus Gruyere Tart

Today I talked with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio, about asparagus. We’re harvesting daily from our little patch and oh gosh it’s so good. Here’s a few tidbits about the connection between asparagus and the Bible: Not mentioned specifically in the Bible, Asparagus has been used as a vegetable and medicine, since about 3000 BC. The ancient Egyptians and Syrians … Continue reading Time to make Asparagus Gruyere Tart