Summer Watering Tips

Home > Plant Care > In the Garden Blog > Gardening Tips > Summer Watering Tips From colleague and garden expert, Ron Wilson of Natorp’s nursery, another timely tip for summer. SUMMER WATERING PLANT TIP During the heat, you need to make sure to check your plants often. Always check your plants each time before you water. Physically and visually check to make sure water is needed by pulling the mulch aside to … Continue reading Summer Watering Tips

Why are my tomatoes turning black?

From friend and garden expert, Ron Wilson/Natorp’s Nursery. Home > Plant Care > Why are my tomatoes turning black? The common gardening question, “Why are my tomatoes turning black?” The answer is Blossom End Rot. Blossom End Rot usually occurs earlier in the season, due to up and down temperatures, poor plant establishment, wet spring, and tapers off as the season progresses and plants become better rooted and weather adjusts.  It … Continue reading Why are my tomatoes turning black?

Orange Dust From Callery Pears

Orange Dust From Callery Pears – Buggy Joe and Jim Chatfield Jun 24, 2020 Wow! Along with the Saharan dust that’s enveloping some parts of the US, here in Southwestern Ohio we have another dust and it’s orange! See what friend and entomologist Joe Boggs, of Ohio State Extension, has to say. Also check out all of Joe’s good information on Ron Wilson‘s In the … Continue reading Orange Dust From Callery Pears