Boone County Arboretum Annual Tea Recipes

Oh gosh, I had so much fun doing my first Zoom presentation for the Boone County Arboretum’s Annual Tea with Josh, Nicole, Stephanie, Donna, and Kris last night. Log onto to their site to see just how lovely and productive this community arboretum is. There may be time for you to bid at the silent auction, too. My talk was about the 4 seasons and … Continue reading Boone County Arboretum Annual Tea Recipes

Bouncing Around with Cherry Bounce

Our neighbor, Joan, told me she has wild cherry firewood for us from a tree she had cut down. We’ll sure enjoy the fragrant fires this winter. When we were kids, there was a huge wild black cherry tree in our postage stamp size of a yard. Every summer the tree produced shiny, black, tiny berries. We’d feast, spitting out inedible pits.  It got me … Continue reading Bouncing Around with Cherry Bounce

Morels! Yes, They’re Growing!

Friends Char and Butch with a morel harvest. One place there’s no worry about social distancing during these challenging times is when my friends, Charlene and Butch Castle and I go foraging for wild morel mushrooms.   We start out at the bottom of the hill. By the time we reach the top of the hill we have kept our distances naturally — in fact, … Continue reading Morels! Yes, They’re Growing!

Add Wild Edibles to your Supper Salad

 Salad with wild edibles. See the watercress growing behind the salad?  A reader asked me how I get inspired to write about food every week. Well, here’s the answer. I find inspiration in the simplest of things. Like recently, when I taught interactive classes with children attending the Kids Kuisine event at Anderson Pavilion on the waterfront in Cincinnati.  Headed by Cincinnati Magazine, this fun event … Continue reading Add Wild Edibles to your Supper Salad