Clone of Claussen Pickles

“It smells like dill pickles in here!” That from my husband, Frank, yesterday as he was coming into the kitchen from outside and the aroma of vinegar, pickling spices, garlic and dill wafted clear out the screen door. I was finishing up my latest clone of Claussen’s pickles. If you love those refrigerated dill pickles from the grocery you’ll be thrilled to know you can … Continue reading Clone of Claussen Pickles

Caprese Salad 2 Ways

After feeding my little flock of chickens this morning, I walked over to the vegetable garden to see what needed picking. Well, just about everything. Cucumbers, squash, corn, and tomatoes. I was happiest about the tomatoes. What I thought would be an early harvest turned out not to be so. Some of my tomatoes, for some unknown reason, are taking their good time about ripening. … Continue reading Caprese Salad 2 Ways

Grilled Burritos New Fave

Try a recipe for grilled burritos from daughter-in-law, Jessie who was gifted with it originally from her friend, Amy.  It’s one of those that makes the rounds — yes, grilled burritos are that good. The bonus is that the whole recipe can be made ahead ready for the grill when you are. Jessie assembled over a dozen of them a couple days before grilling them during … Continue reading Grilled Burritos New Fave

BBQ Ribs for Dad and Happy Chickens

Our vegetable gardens are looking good. Along with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash we’ve planted 6 rows of silver queen corn and 4 of them are already up. Our “girls”/chickens spend time between rows dusting feathers and pecking for worms.  My husband, Frank, hoes the rows to plant corn, since his rows are always straight and tidy. He’s a good garden partner for sure, so … Continue reading BBQ Ribs for Dad and Happy Chickens

Herbal Substitutes for Bible Foods

How fun it is to chat with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio each Thursday morning. Today we talked about herbal subs for Bible foods, particularly vegetables. And it all starts with the book of Daniel: Daniel 1:12  states, “Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables [pulses] to eat and water to drink.” As Matt mentioned, after … Continue reading Herbal Substitutes for Bible Foods

Lebanese Salad “Salata”

I love talking to Matt Swaim each Thursday on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio. This week we talked about greens that folks grew back during the Bible days. Yes, they had arugula, carrots, wild herbs, lettuces, many of which grew wild. I shared my family’s Lebanese simple salad and here it is, along with friend and amazing Greek cook Maria Sacalis. Try both! … Continue reading Lebanese Salad “Salata”

Container Mary Garden for Mother’s Day

My Mary Garden Each week I chat with Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show. Today, since Mother’s Day is this weekend, we talked about Mary Garden’s. Here’s some fun information. A MARY GARDEN  Mary Gardens were started during medieval times and were usually gardens that were enclosed, often in monasteries.  I have always felt that an herb garden needs a statue of Mary, even before … Continue reading Container Mary Garden for Mother’s Day

Updated Recipe Majadara

There’s one recipe that we make without fail during Lent: Majadra. It’s a most delicious, wholesome Middle Eastern peasant lentil dish with rice, caramelized onions, and laban/yogurt.  My mom’s hand-written recipe is titled “Majadra”. You may know it as Mujadarra, Moujadara, or Mujadara.  The main ingredients are lentils, onions, rice and yogurt.  Lentils have been grown for thousands of years, even mentioned in the Bible … Continue reading Updated Recipe Majadara

City Chicken: A Ukranian/Polish Dish

Food can connect us in myriad ways. Like the city chicken recipe I’m sharing today.  But here’s the twist: city chicken is made with pork, not chicken.  I did a bit of sleuthing to find out why.  City chicken originated with the Polish and Ukrainian communities who immigrated to the Great Lakes region during the Depression. Cleveland and Pittsburgh were known for city chicken.  Earlier … Continue reading City Chicken: A Ukranian/Polish Dish

Comforting Irish Stew and the Best Soda Bread

There’s an old saying that there’s no language like the Irish for soothing. I’ll take it a step further and say the same about their food. St. Patrick’s Day and comfort food go hand in hand. Like Irish stew. Meat, root vegetables and broth form the base of a hearty, uncomplicated, nourishing peasant stew. I will tell you I’ve made this a couple of times and … Continue reading Comforting Irish Stew and the Best Soda Bread