Comforting Food for Troubled Times

  What a difference a week makes. Last week we were concerned about corona virus but not overly so. Now we’re “sheltering in place,” a term you’ve heard many times since then.  I was at the grocery and not surprised to see lean or empty shelves. No doubt we’re all experiencing a scary time. It’s the unknown that’s so unsettling. So what do we do … Continue reading Comforting Food for Troubled Times

Add Wild Edibles to your Supper Salad

 Salad with wild edibles. See the watercress growing behind the salad?  A reader asked me how I get inspired to write about food every week. Well, here’s the answer. I find inspiration in the simplest of things. Like recently, when I taught interactive classes with children attending the Kids Kuisine event at Anderson Pavilion on the waterfront in Cincinnati.  Headed by Cincinnati Magazine, this fun event … Continue reading Add Wild Edibles to your Supper Salad

DIY Soft Buttery Pretzels and Cheese Beer Dip

Today on the Sonrise Morning Show, Matt Swaimand I chatted, as we do every week about Bible foods & herbs. Today the topic was pretzels and also beer. Here’s the ancient history of these foods eaten during Lent in olden times, plus some super recipes. PRETZELS: The pretzel has a deep spiritual meaning for Lent. In fact, it was the ancient Christian Lenten bread as far … Continue reading DIY Soft Buttery Pretzels and Cheese Beer Dip

Rosie, Linda and Me Fox 19 Morning Show

I recorded a holiday gifts segment with my friends at Fox 19. Here’s my oldest & bestests friends from when I started on Fox a loooong while back. Rosie and Linda were there at the beginning, too! Lovely and talented ladies – they are the brains behind the scenes…. Continue reading Rosie, Linda and Me Fox 19 Morning Show

My own Hummus and Tabouleh

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve made these 2 Middle Eastern specialties. I grew up with tabouleh and hummus has been a standard on my table for decades.  For Penny Thompson, an Anderson Township, Cincinnati, reader, who wanted to make both of these. As I always say, go to taste – nothing was measured back in the day…. Rita’s Family’s Hummus … Continue reading My own Hummus and Tabouleh

My “Clone” Frisch’s Pumpkin Pie

This week Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio, talked about cloves. Of course, cloves are an ingredient in pumpkin pie spice. Cloves are mentioned here in the Bible: Chronicles 9:9: When the Queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame, she went to him and gave him rare jewels and spices, including cloves. Cloves were a rare spice in Bible days. Cloves … Continue reading My “Clone” Frisch’s Pumpkin Pie