Best Kitchen Gadgets

I’ve been getting this question asked a lot lately, so I think it’s a good topic to address. Yes, it’s about food. Well, in a roundabout way. Gadgets! I’ve done my research in the most practical way: cooking.  A lot of my favorite kitchen gadgets are “off the grid” items — no electric or battery power involved. Some even multi-task. I’ve listed them in alphabetical … Continue reading Best Kitchen Gadgets

Heirloom Coffee Cake

There it was, buried in the bottom of our large bin where holiday decorations are stored. A Good Housekeeping magazine from November 1984. Now here’s the query: why was it there? It took me a few minutes to remember.  As a young mom, I was fascinated with holiday baking, and the cover photo, though faded, shows a beautifully decorated gingerbread house. “Make our cozy gingerbread … Continue reading Heirloom Coffee Cake

Stainless Steel Cookware is a Staple in Great Kitchens

Summary: Stainless steel cookware comes in a variety of grades and varied quality. This range leads many to ask, “Can I use my stainless steel cookware in the oven? What other tips should I know to keep my stainless steel pans looking good?” Dear Rita: I was watching your video on making filet mignon. Like a lot of recipes I see for meat or fish, it calls … Continue reading Stainless Steel Cookware is a Staple in Great Kitchens