Turkey Carcass Pot Pie

After Thanksgiving the turkey carcass serves 2 purposes: turkey pot pie and turkey vegetable soup or stock. The first thing I do is pull off enough leftover meat to make a good 3 cups. That’s for the pot pie.  If there’s enough meat left on the carcass, I make soup; if not, I’ll use the carcass for a flavorful and healthful stock. For the pot … Continue reading Turkey Carcass Pot Pie

My Latest & Greatest Do-Ahead Turkey Gravy

  OK, now for those of you who have my previous do ahead turkey gravy recipes, rest assured they are all very good. But this year I went full tilt and adjusted a couple of ingredients. Like the carrot amount – I had usually put in 2 carrots but the last time I made it they seemed to make the gravy too vegetal tasting – … Continue reading My Latest & Greatest Do-Ahead Turkey Gravy

Small Batch Broccoli Souffle Casserole

It’s happening to us, and most likely you, too. A smaller gathering for Thanksgiving. So here’s a small batch recipe of our favorite broccoli casserole. The bonus is that it can be frozen and baked, covered for some of the time, and baked a little longer than if you’re making it fresh. This is the casserole I chatted with Annie Mitchell on Sacred Heart Radio/Sonrise … Continue reading Small Batch Broccoli Souffle Casserole

Turkey Lentil Chili – 4 Ways to Cook It

I can tell by gazing out my kitchen window that winter has arrived on my little patch of heaven. I can see the East Fork river through the bare trees on the hill. Today the sun is throwing sparkling patches of light on the water. It puts me in the mood for a big pot of turkey lentil chili.  I have Eastside reader Mary Ann … Continue reading Turkey Lentil Chili – 4 Ways to Cook It

Jim’s Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin

Jim Reinhart, an Indiana reader, is one of the best home cooks I know. He sent me this unusual, pretty and very yummy recipe, adapted from a magazine. A super way to use leftover turkey and gravy. Ingredients 2 small pumpkins or l bigger pumpkin 2 cups wild rice blend, cooked  1/4 cup dried cranberries 1 shallot, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tablespoons celery, … Continue reading Jim’s Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin

Turkey/Chicken & No Peek Dumplings

Here on my little patch of heaven, the day has turned bitter cold with winds and a squall of snow. Since I have turkey left over from Thanksgiving, I’m going to make some turkey & dumplings (chicken would work, too). No kidding, this is one tummy warming, satisfying meal. All in one bowl! And if you’ve never made dumplings, no worries. My detailed recipe guarantees … Continue reading Turkey/Chicken & No Peek Dumplings