Photo Tutorial How To Prepare Pumpkins, Squash

DSCN2721.JPGCheck out our red truck in the field with Farmer Bruner gathering pumpkins and squash.

I like to poke them with a fork, microwave for a couple of minutes, pull them out with mitts, let cool and then peel or cut. My friend, Matt Swaim, cuts off the bottom of butternut squash and then stands them up to peel. No microwaving needed. Like spaghetti squash? After roasting (see photo) just pull the spaghetti like strands out.

All the photos below show you how to prepare pumpkins and winter squash (and if you’re dicing them for freezing, freeze in single layer and then put into containers – that way, the pieces don’t clump together).

We save pumpkin seeds not only for roasting but to give to our girls/chickens. (In fact, they have been pecking at the pumpkins in our display by the outhouse…They prevent worms and are so good for them nutritionally!)


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