6 Late Blooming Perennials to Plant

From friend and colleague, Ron Wilson of Natorp’s Nursery Outlet. (Also listen to Ron on his radio show in Cincinnati Saturdays 6AM to 9AM on WKRC 55.)

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Plan for Your Perennials!
When figuring out which perennials to plant in your garden, you will need to do a little research. With perennials blooming at different times, you will want to plan your garden to enjoy flowers and foliage throughout the season. With a bit of forethought, you can enjoy a constant rotation of color and flowers.
The good news, we did the work for you!
6 Late Blooming Perennial Favorites!
Don’t Forget to Water Your Plants!
Ever 7-10 days, plants need one inch of rainfall for optimum growing conditions for existing plants. Well, Mother Nature hasn’t given us much rain lately. It’s critical for you to help supplement. It’s extremely dry right now, time to get outside and protect your investment by watering your plants.

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