Restaurant Quality White Chocolate Mousse

Chef Robert Snead’s White Chocolate Mousse

I can’t tell you how happy I am to share a very special recipe from one of the most talented chefs on the planet. Yes, the planet. I’m talking about Bob Snead, former chef at one of Cincinnati’s 4 star restaurants, The Heritage Restaurant. It has been closed for a long time and the historic building in Plainville, Ohio is home to a popular brewery, Fifty West.

Anyway, when Bob was chef at the restaurant, his white chocolate mousse reached cult status. Until now, he’s never shared the recipe small enough for a home cook.

Here it is and it’s worth the time and ingredients. Think New Year’s Eve/Day celebration!

White Chocolate Mousse

The Heritage Restaurant, Circa 1991 Executive Chef Robert Snead Presiding



8 whole eggs separated, yolks for base, whites for meringue
8 oz. granulated sugar, half for base, half for meringue.
2 oz. honey
1.5 oz. White Crème De Cacao, substitute anything you prefer, but try not overpower the white chocolate!
1 tablespoon Good Bourbon Vanilla.
1.5# fine white chocolate, chopped.
1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest (optional, adds a brightness)


Vigorously whisk the egg yolks, 4 oz. granulated sugar over a mild to medium double boiler until airy and firming, should stand on its own. Remove from heat, beat in honey for two minutes and then add Vanilla, liqueur, lemon zest, incorporate and then whisk in the melted white chocolate slowly. You now have base if you wish, (it is easier to rewarm if you add a little heavy cream to the base) chill and hold for later, OR:

Finished Mousse add Lightness. 2 parts

8 egg whites and remaining granulated sugar (4 oz)

1 qt. whipping cream
6 oz. powdered sugar
Whip to soft peak, not grainy

Heat whites and sugar in double boiler until sugar dissolves and whipped into soft to firm peak meringue.

Fold together Base, 1/3 meringue, and then fold in the remaining meringue and 1⁄2 whipped cream at a time. Make sure your glasses are ready first.

Melba Sauce

Raspberries, Blackberries as you please!
Sugar, 1/3 weight raspberries.
Heated and pushed through a fine mesh strainer, no seeds! Place 1/16 in the bottom of each glass, cover and freeze.

Dark chocolate décor

Dark chocolate Shavings or tempered Moose antlers if you are brave?
Otherwise use 1/3 heavy cream to dark chocolate, mildly heated, whisked (Ganache), and dribbled down the inside of the glasses. With the 1/16 melba sauce frozen in the bottoms, and the rest on top of the Mousse under white or dark chocolate shavings or antlers.

Serves 8-10 depending on glass size.

Worth the effort! A fine finish to any good meal. Your guests will be amazed!

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