Hoarfrost: Ever Heard of it?

Ron Wilson

What is Hoarfrost?

From friend, colleague and garden expert Ron Wilson. His site is ronwilsonline.com – check it out!

Dec 11, 2020

Earlier today, I woke up and looked out a window to see a foggy start to the day. At first glance, I however overlooked the frost that was also present. As it became lighter and the morning continued, the frost lessened and by noon the beauty disappeared, although the fog is still hanging around.   

This frost is often called or referred to as a hoarfrost. Hoarfrosts are deposits of ice crystals on objects exposed to the free air, such as grasses, herbecous plants (wanted and unwanted plants), tree and shrub branches, or leaves or needles. This frost also accumulated on non-living items like fences, garden ornaments and posts. This frost is formed by direct condensation of water vapor to ice at temperatures below freezing and occurs when air is brought to its frost point by cooling.

Enjoy these photos from my own landscape today. 

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