Two Delish No Recipe Chicken Dishes

First of all, I’m having trouble figuring out this new WordPress blog setup. So you’ll see no categories listed, and the photo of this chicken dish is at the bottom of this article. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon…..

It’s funny how things work out. Like many of you, during this pandemic I’m not shopping as much as I usually do. So the testing of recipes has slowed down. By the same token, some of the ones you’ve requested are recipes shared previously. It all works out, yes?

Before I get into recipes today, I wanted to share some thoughts about the apron poem I published recently. 

Jeri R. collects aprons from around the world. “But the special ones to me are those my maternal grandmother crocheted”, she said. How about you? What’s your apron story?

Also, I can’t share Katie Pettit’s hot milk cake yet. I had a couple questions after going over the recipe and I’m waiting on her to answer. I promise, though, it will be forthcoming. 

Now with all this cooking you’ve been doing, maybe you’re up to trying “no recipe” cooking. These easy and delish “no recipe” roasted chicken recipes and timely tips for preserving basil will get you started.

“No recipe” roasted chicken with summer vegetables and herbs

Right now I’m harvesting tomatoes, onions and potatoes. Seasonal veggies make this a satisfying and easy supper. Use other chicken pieces, too. Just know white meat cooks faster than dark.


9×13” pan, sprayed

Chicken thighs with skin and bone — as many as you like and will fit in the pan

Olive oil

Lemon juice

Salt and pepper

Fresh or dried oregano

Tomatoes, quartered (or use whole cherry/grape tomatoes)

Potatoes, peeled and cut into nice chunks (not too large or they won’t be done soon enough)

1 big onion, quartered


Preheat oven to 450.

Scatter vegetables on bottom of pan. 

Drizzle with olive oil, a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Strip leaves from a couple sprigs oregano and sprinkle all over. Or do the same with dried oregano, but go easy as it’s stronger.

Put chicken on top of veggies. Do the same as you did with veggies — olive oil, lemon juice, seasonings and oregano.

Roast until chicken is done, 35-40 minutes. Skin will be nice and crisp.

Libby Frank’s no recipe roasted chicken fingers wrapped in bacon

Libby is neighbor to son Shane and daughter in law, Courtney. Recently granddaughter Eva had “the best bacon wrapped chicken” at Libby’s. I asked Libby for the recipe.

She chuckled and said “no recipe, just cut up chicken breasts into fingers, sprinkle with salt and pepper, wrap in bacon and brush with barbecue sauce. Roast at 375 until cooked through. It’s a favorite with my kids.”

Well, there you go — another no recipe dish perfect for a busy day.

Too much basil? Freeze it!

Basil paste:

Make a paste of 2 cups basil leaves and a tiny bit of olive oil.
Freeze as a base for pesto, or to add to soups and stews.

Layer basil with Parmesan or Romano:

Make layers of basil and shredded cheese, ending with cheese.

Basil will turn lighter green and both will flavor each other.  Freeze and use in pastas, butters, pizza, breads, etc. 

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