St. Valentine and 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Cake

Cherry chocolate dump cake
Today Matt Swaim, Sonrise Morning Show/Sacred Heart Radio, talked about St. Valentine and why we celebrate Valentine’s Day today. Did you know there was more than 1 St. Valentine? Read on. And I know you’ll have fun and like the vintage chocolate cake recipe – 3 ingredients and you’re done!
By the way, don’t forget about someone who may be alone or needing a friendly call, card, or a visit with maybe a piece of the chocolate cherry cake…
Who is St. Valentine?
Well, there was actually more than one. There’s nearly a dozen martyred saints named Valentine, but February 14 is the feast day that commemorates St. Valentine of Rome, who lived in the third century. We should note that  the Catholic Church no longer officially honors St. Valentine, but the holiday has both Roman and Catholic roots.


What did Valentine of Rome do?
Like most stories from so long ago, it’s hard to distinguish which parts of the story are true. But we’re pretty sure that Valentine of Rome was arrested and executed for, among other crimes, performing marriages for members of the early Christian church and others who may have been forbidden from marrying.
Is that why he’s connected with love and romance?
Pretty much. There’s some speculation that his feast day on February 14 coincided with some kind of Roman fertility ritual celebrated around the same time, but evidence is spotty.
So why do we give gifts, flowers and cards called “valentines”?
That tradition of courtly love included lots and lots of gifts – poems, tokens of affection, and so on.
Legend also says that St. Valentine, before his execution, wrote a letter to his jailer’s daughter and signed it, “Your Valentine.” It might not be true, but it’s a good story regardless.
What about Cupid? He’s a Valentine favorite.
Cupid, the winged, eternally youthful, love-arrow-shooting god of desire, attraction and affection – it was the Romans who believed that there was a vein that ran from the left hand’s ring finger directly to the heart. Thus explaining why we use that finger engagement and wedding rings.
A vintage Betty Crocker recipe that is trending today. Easy and fun for the little ones to help with.
2 cans cherry pie filling
1 box devil’s food cake mix
1-1/2 sticks butter or substitute, melted
Preheat oven to 350. Spray bottom of 13×9 pan. Pour pie filling evenly into bottom. Top with dry cake mix and shake pan to distribute evenly. Pour melted butter on top, tilting pan as you go to cover as much of the top as possible.
Bake 35-40 minutes or until mostly dry on top and bubbly around edges. Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream.
Recipe and photo from Betty Crocker.


2 thoughts on “St. Valentine and 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Cake

  1. Loved St. Valentine 3 ingredients Chocolate Cherry Cake last year in 2021 and again this year because it is simple to make and I am a guy who need all the help I can get in the kitchen!!!😁

    Mr. Matt Swaim, Mrs. Anna Mitchell, and You and All Your Families are in our Daily Prayers!!! Thank You everybody including your staff and families for all that you do for all of us daily!!!+++

    Brian and Connie Swigert (family), Columbus, OH


    1. Good morning Brian and Connie,
      Wow, you made my week and I’ll pass along your good wishes to Annie and Matt. I’m so happy you remembered the chocolate cake from a while back! Too bad our Bengals didn’t win, but what a game!


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