Tuna Salad like Marx Bagels

Tuna Salad

Marx Hot Bagels Tuna salad (and ingredients for egg salad) 

John Marx, no longer proprietor of this beloved Blue Ash, Cincinnati restaurant, has always been so nice in returning my calls.

A while back, readers wanted to know how to make his tuna and egg salad. 

At the time, John had just sold the restaurant to new owner, Y.Y. Davis and said recipes would stay the same.

Per usual, all he would tell were ingredients: “One has boiled egg and the other tuna, and both have real mayonnaise, carrots, celery, Lawry’s seasoned salt and white pepper”, he said. I say it’s the love that makes his food yummy.

I made a version of Marx’s tuna salad  a fairly long time ago. Here it is.


If you like, add a dash or two of dill leaves.(Marx’s doesn’t add them but they’

re a nice touch).

Mix together:

1 can, 6 oz, albacore tuna, drained 

1/2 cup ea. finely diced carrots and celery

Enough mayonnaise to bind mixture together

Now add to taste:

Onion powder (my addition)

Seasoning Salt

White pepper

2 thoughts on “Tuna Salad like Marx Bagels

  1. I read the article in the Enquirer this morning regarding your chili recipe. It would be so nice if you would share the Skyline and Empress recipes with your Enquirer readers as you suggested.
    Thank you,
    Joan Lipps


    1. Hi, Joan,
      I sent the Empress recipes to a fellow who asked for them and who worked for his uncle at an Empress chili restaurant in Delhi, Cincinnati. I wanted his opinion before I printed them. Now if you need them sooner along with the Skyline recipe (from the Enquirer in 1979!) I can send those to you.
      Let me know.


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