Oh Honey…..get yours from Poe’s Honey

The photos above are from our beekeeper (see Tony Poe with that beautiful honey from the hives) and also me – fresh, sweet, THE BEST, honey.

The last photo is one from a Fox 19 TV show I did using honey to make healthful drinks, and of course, I used “our” honey.

We plant all kinds of flowers, veggies and herbs and along with the vegetation and trees from our neighbor’s field and what grows towards the river where we live, the bees have the best environment to lead healthy, happy and productive lives – that means honey, and lots of it.

If you want to purchase some of this excellent honey, here’s the information. Tony lives in Bethel, Ohio, not too far from me. Poe’s honey contains all the good nutrients honey should have – it’s pure and not “cooked” out.

2989 ST. RT. 133


EMAIL: poeshoney@yahoo.com





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