A Sensational Steak with Bible Herbs and Spices

It’s the start of Autumn here on our little patch of heaven and the weather has been perfect for grilling.
Annie Mitchell Egan and I revisited this yummy recipe today on the Sonrise Morning Show about Bible food and herbs. We chatted about the different herbs and spices with Biblical histories – like mint for digestion and flavoring, thyme, which is a peppery herb and has huge healing qualities, and cinnamon (helps lower blood sugar) along with other ancient Biblical specimens we use today.
Here’s a steak recipe updated for the requests that have been coming in for it. Thanks to Sandy and other listeners who asked me to share this again! And one more thing – check out the recipe for grilled veggies alongside.
Later we’ll talk about how to preserve all those culinary herbs growing in your gardens!
This steak gets a wet rub before grilling; the oil helps the other flavors spread.  
1-1/2- to 2-lb. flank, flat iron or skirt steak
1/3 cup olive oil
2 nice cloves garlic, minced
Palmful 1 or 2 kinds fresh chopped herbs, minced – thyme, rosemary, savory, parsley, oregano and marjoram are good choices
1 tablespoon or so Canadian/Montreal steak seasoning 
Asiago or Romano cheese for garnish (optional) – you can use Parmesan too, or no cheese!
For flank and flat iron, score steak on both sides. No need to score skirt steak.
Mix the oil, garlic, herbs and steak seasoning. Rub all over the steak and let marinate in refrigerator anywhere from 30 minutes to a day.
Grill on medium high until medium doneness 12 to 15 minutes or so, depending upon the thickness of the steak and if you take it straight from the refrigerator. 
I like to turn flank and flat iron a couple of times. The thickest part of the steak will register about 135-140°F.
Skirt steak should be grilled on high for just a few minutes and turned just once.
Transfer to a cutting board, tent and let rest a bit.
Slice across the grain. Give it a sprinkle of cheese.  
Tip: Salt and pepper can be subbed for the Canadian seasoning
Simple grilled vegetables
No real recipe, but here’s how I do it. Use whatever veggies you like.
Zucchini into about 1/2” slices
Red, yellow and orange bell peppers, cut into nice wedges
Green onions, leave white part on, trim roots
Asparagus spears
Brush vegetables with olive oil on both sides. Season with salt and pepper. Grill until tender – they will be a bit charred with grill marks. 
Meanwhile, whisk together about 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, and a couple cloves minced garlic.
As soon as they come off the grill, drizzle the sauce over and season to taste.
Gilding the lily: A shower of the same cheese you use on the steak is yummy, too for the vegetables.

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