Nicole’s Instant Pot Story

Instant-Pot-Chicken-Burrito-Bowls-8image.pngYou meet new “friends” in the oddest of places. Like my kitchen when Eric Morgan with the telephone company came to install a vintage phone for me. (It’s a red rotary dial – so cool).

When Eric learned what I do for a living, the conversation turned to food. He was telling me how his wife, Nicole, got an Instant Pot for Christmas and it has changed their life, literally.  Here’s Nicole’s story:

“Hey Rita! I’m Nicole Morgan. I don’t know what my husband has told you but before my Instant Pot I really didn’t like to cook. When I was flipping channels on the tv I saw a commercial for the Instant pot. It looked easy and the meals looked really good. So with me not really liking to cook and not cooking very good meals. I thought asking for a Instant Pot for Christmas would be a good idea. When I got the Instant Pot for Christmas I was super excited to start using it.

The first thing I did was hard boil eggs. It was so great because all I had to do is to set a timer. The eggs came out perfect!!! After I knew I could do eggs I thought I could do this.

I looked up some recipes to make. The first one I made was Instant Pot Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta . This meals was so good! It only took 30 mins to make and that was another plus about using the Instant Pot.

After making this meal my confidence was boosted and I was thinking I was Gordon Ramsey. With my Confidence boosted I tried a second meal that was Instant Pot Chicken Taco Bowls. This recipe was my favorite!

The Instant Pot has me wanting to cook and the meals so far are really good. The main reason I like the Instant Pot is because it saves time making meals.”

As for me, so far I’ve made the corned beef and cabbage which I shared, the Tuscan chicken and a pot roast. So far, so good…

Soon I’ll be sharing Carol Vanover’s recipes for the Instant Pot. She’s got some winners!

Nicole’s current faves are these:

Instant Pot Chicken Taco Bowls

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