Chickweed Crostini? I’ll have another….

OK so yesterday was one of those days that was not the greatest. We have had a death in the family – my special oldest sis, Sonia. The knock on the door brightened my day. It was Erin, my friend and neighbor of Phillips Farm. She had a plate of guess what? Chickweed crostini. That’s right – and they were delicious. And lifted my spirit since eating wild edibles reminded me of the days I spent as a youngster with Sonia and her family when they lived “out in the sticks” and wild berries and other wild edibles were there for the taking.

Erin teaches a group of Montessori middle students once a month at her farm where they explore nature in the best ways. Yesterday they foraged for spring edibles and used them in their meal.  Erin showed them samples. The kids did not disappoint. Check out her blog with the recipes, including the chickweed crostini.


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