Homemade Gripe Water

DSCN9046Chamomile is one of the ingredients in gripe water

Kathy W., a reader, wanted to know how to make Gripe water. Wow! I love that folks are going back to homemade remedies.

Gripe water is an old fashioned medicine that is often used to help ease pain and discomfort experienced by infants. The home remedy can be used to soothe tummy upset pain associated with teething and ease the pains of colic. While the exact recipe for gripe water varies, the ones I would recommend are from Rosemary Gladstar’s and Learning Herbs sites.  I met Rosemary during a conference where we both presented and got to chat with her afterwards. Talk about a true wise woman! And John and the Learning Herbs team are trusted sources, as well.

I have not made gripe water. I do know that chamomile, ginger, fennel and dill can be some of the components. Do read up on it before using it, as there may be side effects. You may want to check with your medical professional, as well.

Thanks, Rosemary and John!


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