Lemon Citrus Cake with Secret Glaze

Lemon Citrus Cake

Bert’s easy citrus cake with secret glaze Some of you remember those vintage chiffon cakes that are making a comeback. These “from scratch” cakes contain a good amount of oil and eggs. Well here’s one that has the light texture of a chiffon cake but with none of the work. My friend, Bert, when we …

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Dreamsicle/Creamsicle Cake

You have to check out my UTube video of this Dreamsicle/Creamsicle cake right on my site. The most popular cake I’ve ever made. Perfect, perfect for that Labor Day picnic or really, anytime you want to indulge in a favorite childhood flavor and win rave reviews, too! Oh and by the way, the creamy frosting …

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The apron

My best friend, Carol, ready to pluck herbs in a favorite apron

  The apron When I cook, I put on my oldest apron, the one that is well worn and dotted with stains. Aprons are not just a piece of clothing, but a piece of history. The stains that don’t come are remembrances of time spent in the kitchen with loved ones. Back in the day, …

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Carnival slaw for Labor Day picnic

Carnival Slaw This spring, grandson Jack brought home a tiny cabbage plant. Jack planted it in our vegetable garden and tended it well when he came over. It grew to 7 pounds, trimmed. I’m going to make carnival slaw with it. I call it carnival slaw because the colors are as vibrant as the colorful …

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Washtub pickles easy enough for kids to make

Washtub Pickles

One of my readers sent this in to me several years ago. Her Dad made big batches of these in the laundry tub, so I named them “Washtub Pickles”. These are easy enough for a child to make – check out granddaughter Eva mixing them up and neighbor Oliver making the brine. Now if you …

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Got corn? How to make corn relish

Corn relish

After I showed viewers how to make my washtub pickles on Fox 19 this morning with my pals Dan Wells and Jessica Brown, I promised I’d share the recipe for my corn relish, as well. We pick corn every day, so when we have extra, I like to make relish. Now if you don’t want/can’t …

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A big whoops – here’s the time for the lemon citrus cake

I published the recipe in my Community Press columns and darn, I forgot to tell you the time. It’s 30-35  minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.  FYI I’m publishing that recipe here on my blog next week for Labor Day picnics. If you want it before that, let me know. It’s …

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Summer Squash Salad with Stephanie’s Tomatoes


I’ve told you before that everyone has a story. And I meet the most interesting people in my everyday life. Like Stephanie Sunday, a nurse and avid gardener. Oh, and she’s a wife and young mom, too, to Isabella, a 2 year old who loves to help her mom pick tomatoes. (“If only she could …

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Secret to free flowing salt in humid weather

    If you add a bit of rice to your salt shaker, it will absorb moisture from the salt so the salt doesn’t glob up when you try to shake it out.

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Neiman Marcus Margarita pie with pretzel crust

Neiman Marcus classic Margarita pie with pretzel crust I thought I’d remember the name of the young mom who wanted to make this but the only thing I can remember is how nicely she asked if I had a recipe for Nieman Marcus’ Margarita pie. “I had it at a party and the hostess wouldn’t …

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