Homemade Nutella easier than you think


Homemade Nutella and Vanilla wafers with Nutella filling Today I talked with Matt Swaim on Sacred Heart radio about butter and where it’s mentioned in the Bible. I shared this really good Nutella clone recipe and a “just right” snack for after school using Nutella. Now some of you have asked about the difference between …

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Warm Dijon Potato Salad made with my garden green beans and potatoes

Green and Yellow Wax Beans from the Garden

    Warm Dijon potato salad with green beans I’ve mentioned before that I’ve worked with Dave Lieberman, food network celebrity and cookbook author. I like Dave’s recipes because they are easy and fun to serve. Here’s one of his that I adapted only slightly using both my garden green beans and new potatoes. I …

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The corn’s ripe, so are tomatoes, onions and peppers – let’s make Black Bean Salsa

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

  DAILY DIET OF ANCIENT ISRAELITES Meals eaten by ancient Israelites from 1000 years BC to the time of the Romans fell into 2 categories: daily and festive meals. Today we’re talking about the daily meals eaten. The daily diet of the ordinary ancient Israelite was mainly one of bread, cooked grains and legumes, like …

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Everything you wanted to know about Paella


Bob Hess, colleague and cooking instructor (along with being an expert on cutlery) came to my cable show with his fabulous, really, Paella recipe. Bob is known for detail so if you follow these instructions, you’ll get it right. His Paella was more than yummy, and presented beautifully. If you happen to be at Cookswares …

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Fresh Tomatoes and Basil = Supper Tart

My chickens like tomatoes!

  My chickens love tomatoes!   It happens every summer. Early on, we till and hoe the garden and even pull up the weeds by hand.  Seems like forever before any of the garden produce is ready to eat, and then all of a sudden, everything is ripe. Hoeing, tilling and weeding take a back …

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Here’s how to tell when grilled corn is done

"The Corn is as high as an Elephant's Eye..."

  Readers want to know: How to tell when grilled corn is tender. Charlie, a Kentucky reader, wondered how to tell when his grilled corn in the husk was ready to eat. “I pull the husk back but that’s a nuisance”, he said.  Follow Cook’s Illustrated tip: As soon as the husk picks up the …

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Sun Pickles: An old German recipe


  MARY RUDLOFF’S SOLAR DILLS (SUN PICKLES) No need to be chained to the stove canning pickles. The sun does all the work! In about 3-4 days, you’ll have pickles! Mary Rudloff is now in heaven making her famous dills. This is an old German recipe. Her daughter, Ann and I have been friends since …

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Best summer dessert is blueberry crisp a la mode

Blueberry Crisp

  I had to laugh when I checked my Top Hat blueberry bushes for ripe berries. They were loaded, but being miniature bushes, the yield was small. I had enough to test out a recipe I’m developing for healthy blueberry muffins, but not enough for the blueberry crisp I wanted to make for dessert. Our …

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Food to tote to new parents or someone ill

Baked Mac & Cheese

BAKED MAC & CHEESE FOOD TO TAKE TO NEW MOMS & DADS OR SOMEONE ILL I was talking to Matt Swaim this morning on the Sonrise Morning Show radio about toting food to folks who are ill or who are new parents. I shared a couple Bible quotes along with some good tips and really …

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Peppermint iced tea: a natural coolant


My Heirloom Mint Rita’s fresh peppermint iced tea For Matt, who has an abundance of mint and asked: “How do I substitute fresh mint for the amount of mint that’s in a teabag?” Take a generous couple handful of mint leaves and crush them a little between your palms or with a spoon to release …

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