Edible flowers

Edible Flowers

Here’s the latest information on edible flowers. I just found out Dahlia flowers and their tubers/roots are edible too! I’ll be testing those out and will let you know how I like them. Someone also asked for a recipe for flower ice cubes. It’s here, too.   Edible flowers Eat only pesticide/clean flowers. This is …

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Crystalized/candied flowers & leaves


Crystallized/candied edible flowers and leaves I love this time of year. It brings out my simple creative side, and that means making crystallized flowers and leaves. All parts must be coated both with egg white and granulated sugar so that they preserve well. If you’re concerned about using raw egg white, buy pasteurized eggs. These …

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Great Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

rolls for Rita2

Great grilled cheese? It start with the bread and goes from there.  A couple of requests have come in for this. Here’s everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Grilled Cheese Sandwich Primer 101: For starters, with all the recipes I’m sharing, here’s what’s important: The bread. Must be high quality bread, …

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Invasive herbs


There are a few really invasive herbs in my herb garden. Every year I have to root them out, literally. Here’s what they are:                                                 Hops – even creeping out between the stones. I make lavender/hops pillows with                                          the hops and lavender  flowers for sleeping.

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Marie’s chicken cordon bleu casserole


Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole People ask me all the time where I get my recipes. “Do you develop them yourself?”  “Whose recipes do you use from the food network and do you have any favorites?”  “Do you find many good ones from magazines and cookbooks? ” “What about recipes that readers send. Do you test …

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs (Really!)

Perfect Boiled Eggs (Really!) Cover with cold water, bring them to a nice boil, put the lid on, turn the fire off and let them sit about 12-15 minutes.  For small eggs, 12 minutes is enough. For larger eggs or eggs straight from the frig, go for 15 minutes.  They turn out perfectly cooked. To …

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Applebee’s hot bacon dressing

Applebee’s hot bacon dressing: Wanda R. has tried “to no avail” to make this. Do you have a similar recipe?

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SCRIPTURE CAKE: The perfect cake for Easter.

Scripture Cake

SCRIPTURE CAKE: The perfect cake for Easter. The ingredients are listed in the Bible, and normally you have to hunt for them by reading the good book. I’m giving you an easy version, though, by listing the ingredient after the scripture. I suggest taking the recipe and copying it, then white out the ingredients listed …

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Get your hot cross buns here

Hot Cross Buns

I may be jinxing myself, but I think we’ve finally transitioned into spring. The last few days have convinced me, and in our little patch of woods, I’m seeing true harbingers: watercress in our spring-fed pool and trilliums, bloodroot, anemones and spring beauties all poking up through the leaves. The dandelions and wild onions are …

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Fun video from my Fox 19 brisket segment

My friend Linda, a long-time Fox employee and me

Can we ever get enough of the brisket recipe? This time, you see it being made. Check out the video on Fox 19 Cincinnati – it should be on the front page, at least for now. And if you want to make one from scratch, look at the post “Don’t pass over these Passover foods”. …

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