Oyster a Hot Color in Kitchen Accessories

Le Creuset salt cellar and butter dish in Oyster

Oyster Grey from Le Creuset is one of my new faves. The salt crock/cellar keeps a good amount of salt handy plus it won’t clump in the crock. The butter dish is large enough for European type butters, which are wider than our regular butter sticks. Check out the kaleidoscope of colors Le Creuset has …

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Hungry? Pull up some Wild Onions

Yesterday the weather turned fairly warm and my 2 granddaughters, Ellery and Emerson, took a walk with me in our woods. We found wild onions (or wild garlic whichever you call it) in abundance and so tender. See that patch of it right in front of the fieldstone step? Perfect sub for chives! (Now I …

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How many kitchen knives do you really need?

Image 5

Essential Kitchen Knives: The Only 3 You Really Need.     I agree with this well written article from Huffington Post about knives.  (Photos are from their article, too and they have some good on their site, as well). You might go for a different brand than mentioned, but remember, quality is key. During my …

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Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake for Valentine’s Day

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake

Don’t panic! Here’s a quick & easy and “lovely” cake for your Valentine. One of my readers stopped me at the grocery today to say she was buying more ingredients to make another cake after making one. “Best chocolate cake we’ve had”, she said. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Triple chocolate Bundt cake …

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So what the heck is a “Cook Line”?

See how the chicken tenderloin in the center is cooked about half way up? That's the cook line and now it's time to turn the meat over.

I first heard this term from Jaime Carmody,  extraordinary chef and colleague. Of course, I knew when to turn meat over to cook on the other side, but never heard the term “cook line”. The bonus here is by the time the meat is cooked half way up, the bottom will have formed a nice …

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Simple Country Pleasures: February 2018 – a Surprise in the Ditch

Watercress growing in a country ditch

Yesterday was so “bleary”, misting rain, no sun, just an ordinary southwestern Ohio winter day out here “in the sticks”. I ventured beyond my little patch of heaven for a walk along our old country road. Down by the old mill the river stilll had patches of ice in it. As I poked along, looking …

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Pan Grilled Salmon with Caesar Salad Meatless & Marvelous!


PAN GRILLED SALMON  Salmon – about 4 oz. per person Olive oil Salt or seasoned salt and freshly ground black pepper  Bring the salmon to room temperature 10 minutes before cooking. Warm a nonstick skillet with oil over medium-low heat. Season the fish with salt and pepper. Raise the heat to medium-high. Cook until golden …

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Classic Cheese Souffle Easy to Make: Just follow directions!


Caroline, a Cincinnati reader, wanted a recipe for “a real cheese soufflé for my boyfriend.” She has never made one, is a little nervous but is undaunted in her quest to make the soufflé. I told her if she has time test it out first before serving to company. Just to build confidence. Do think …

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Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bark for Valentine’s Day: Healthish


I ran across this recipe for pistachio bark with semi sweet or bittersweet chocolate. I made it and really liked it. So easy too! With the combo of antioxidants in the chocolate and the heart healthy pistachios, this is a good one all around! Oh and one more thing – think about someone who may …

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Burnt Sugar Icing: Several Ones to try


Burnt Sugar Icing: A Delicious Sugar Icing Recipe Julie, a reader, said she and her dad were trying to recreate her grandma’s recipe for burnt sugar icing which Julie said was whiter in color. “Everyone says it can’t be burnt sugar if it’s white, but we know that’s what it was”, she told me. So …

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