Fall Garden Tips – a Must Read from Garden Guru Ron Wilson

FALL GARDEN TIPS We received several question about what you should be doing in the garden and here are some gardening answers: How to fight weeds in the lawn? Weed killers work the best in the fall!  Mid October is a great time to apply them, especially if you’re going after some of the hard …

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Start Limoncello Now for Holidays


Limoncello LEMONS: ANCIENT FRUIT WITH TIES TO BIBLE DAYS Lemons were known to the Jerusalem Jews. Josephus, a historian in ancient Jerusalem, supposedly pelted an errant high priest with lemons during a festival . But scholars think that this was done with citrons not lemons. Citrons are a citrus fruit, but it’s the pith  – …

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Fox 19 Anchors sure loved the 20 Minute Vegetable Soup!


You know the recipe I shared the other day for my 20 minute vegetable soup (OK, it may take about 30 minutes from start to finish depending upon your stove, etc.)? Well I made it on Sunday morning with Jessica Brown and Catherine Bodak and they loved it!  I used Mama Marie’s pasta sauce for …

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Secret ingredient crockpot apple butter

My Jonathan apples

What I love about this apple butter is its purity, just apples, juice, sugar if you like, and warming spices. But there is a secret ingredient… Crockpot apple butter Wow, this recipe has been making the rounds lately. My oldest & best friend, Carol Spry Vanover (you probably feel like you know her, I’ve mentioned …

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How to make a Perfect Omelet

I’m sharing more  recipes using eggs. Truth be told, I have to. My girls/chickens are continuing their daily egg laying marathon. Even granddaughter Eva’s favorite, named “Unusual” because well, she’s all white with black feet and beak, and a shock of white “hair”, is laying every other day. Unusual is the slacker in the flock, …

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End the Yom Kippur Fast with Cheese Strata

Eggs from my girls

MASTER RECIPE CHEESE STRATA Today I chatted with Anna Mitchell on the Sonrise Morning Show about Yom Kippur, the most holy day on the Jewish calendar.  This year, from the evening of October 11 through the evening of October 12, the Jewish custom is to fast, refrain from work and/or attend synagogue services.  The name …

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Aunt Margaret’s Tomato Preserves

This is for Anita, who lost her Mom 2 years ago and has been trying in vain to replicate Mom’s recipe for tomato preserves. “She peeled and seeded the lemons and added lemon and a cinnamon stick”, Anita told me. So here’s a recipe that I think will work for Anita. The original recipe is …

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I’m buying this shrub: Chokeberry or Aronia – the next Midwestern Native Superfood

Wow, I just got this info from Ron Wilson, of Natorp’s Garden Outlet. Aronia/chokeberry is on my list of edible bushes to buy. This article is from Modern Farmer Magazine written by Dan Nosowitz. Aronia, a “Superfood” Native to the Midwest Who says superfoods have to come from exotic places? Goji berries may come from …

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Fan Favorite: Pasta Pomodoro

For the story behind this yummy pasta, check out:   Prize-winning chicken chili and pasta Pomodoro http://cin.ci/2dx3gSS via @enquirer

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Vitamin Water

Rita’s Herb Water The only two things you really need are fresh mint and fresh lemons. The limes are optional but very nice. If you don’t use limes, use about four lemons. The rest of ingredients are optional. If all you have is spearmint, use that. Spearmint is a bit sweeter in taste and milder in …

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