Flavoring Kombucha: Erin’s 8 Favorite Flavor Combos

My friend, colleague and neighbor, Erin Phillips wrote this for Countryside Mag. She brought me over a bottle of fruit flavored Kombucha. So delicious: fizzy/healthy, not to sweet and really quenched my thirst.  And you’ll get a kick out of this: my scoby/mother that you need to start making Kombucha died on me. Suffocated actually. …

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Chicken Trivia: Preventing Frozen Eggs, Free Coop Plan, Setting up a Rooster Bachelor Pad

POULTRY A Year-Round Chicken Care Calendar Preventing Frozen Chicken Eggs Free Chicken Coop Plan: An Easy 3×7 Coop Set Up a Rooster Bachelor Pad Are You Wondering What Do Roosters Eat? As you  may know, I write for Countryside Magazine and Backyard Poultry.  Each week I get information on what’s trending. This week it’s all …

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Quick Sloppy Joes & KFC Coleslaw Cone on the Menu

Sloppy Joes & Slaw

    The temperature is in the low 20’s. Husband Frank and I stacked several wheelbarrows of wood near the front door for easy access.   I used to lament the short days of winter but for some reason, this year has me appreciating the small wonders of a bright, sunny winter’s day. Like the …

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Sharing & Caring: Birds Share Food with Bees

Look close - can you see the bees "feeding" on the birdseed & grain?

Hard to believe, but when I went out to feed the chickens and passed the deck rail where I put bird seed, there was a cloud of bees buzzing around. A closer look revealed what looked like the bees feeding on the grain and seed! Weird. Anyway, I sent the photo to our beekeeper along …

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Somebody Lived Here…Secrets of an Old Country Road

Foundation of a home. See the round hole in the chimney - that's where the stovepipe went

As many of you know, I live at the end of an old, historic, country road. I decided today to take my daily walk at a slower pace along the road. Wow! It was almost like the old road was eager for a little company this bone-chilling winter’s day. She revealed secrets that are not …

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Rice Pudding an Old Fashioned Comforting Dessert

Rice pudding

Today on the Sonrise morning show I chatted with Annie Mitchell about milk and cream and how they were used during Bible days. I always share a recipe each week, and today I shared this simple and delicious rice pudding. My husband, Frank, was the one who requested this. “I’d love some rice pudding like …

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The Color Purple (and Black) are Trends for New Year

Like Panera's Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Yesterday I walked across the field to check on my elderly neighbor, John, and saw lots of grass-like blades poking through the soil. Farmer Bruner sowed rye right after he harvested pumpkins from the same field and that’s what was popping up. Husband Frank told me it’s called “winter rye” since it can germinate through …

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Natural Pain Relievers From Your Garden

Check my latest story on Countryside Magazine’s site. Here’s a tease: Natural Pain Relievers From Your Garden Parsley Uses and Benefits Number in the Hundreds Did you know that some of the most commonly grown culinary herbs are natural pain relievers? There’s a reason a sprig of parsley adorns your restaurant plate, and it’s not …

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Bible Foods with Healing Properties that are trending for 2017

Sprouted Lentils

      Interesting to note that some of the trendiest foods for 2017 include ancient Bible specimens. Here’s a few that I use on an every day basis which have huge healing qualities and are downright tasty, as well! Sprouted Grain Bread/Ezekiel Bread – Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them …

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Happy New Year


Just a quick note to say, again, that I hope you have the best year ever in 2017.  Thanks you for logging on to my site and sharing your tips, thoughts and recipes. I appreciate you! Blessings, Rita  

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