A Springtime Walk in the Woods – Guess What I found!

Blood Wort

It was the first day of spring so I couldn’t resist a walk in our woods. As I walked down the steps leading to the East Fork River I found some brave little wild flowers poking through the cold soil. (Will it ever get warm?). The top photo is blood wort, which the Indian used …

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Restaurant Style Cajun BBQ Shrimp with Homemade Seasoning

BBQ Shrimp

I was taking my daily walk along our old country road when I saw our neighbors, Joanne and Mike, looking up and pointing at something in a copse of trees across from their home. They were monitoring a bald eagle’s nest! Mike told me there was another nest in one of the other trees a …

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I love Falafel


  What do you think of this photo of falafel? I’m still testing recipes out for it, and so far, so good.  

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Fermentation Alive & Well with Kombucha and Yogurt/Laban

Fermenting Buddies: Kombucha on the left and Yogurt on the right (in towel)

  Check this photo out. Both my kombucha starter (thanks to my neighbor, Erin Phillips of Phillips Farm for bringing the scoby over to me) and yogurt/laban are culturing nicely, snug & warm near the wood stove.

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Making Fairy Gardens


I’ve made fairy gardens with my own boys way back when and also with the grandkids. Yesterday, our neighbors, Oliver & Baxter Phillips, wanted to make fairy gardens. Actually it was Oliver who asked and Baxter, his little brother, came along. Cindy Johnson Grgetic, our neighbor down the road, is lead botanical architect for Northern Kentucky studio …

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When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemon Curd!

lemon curd tarts - Version 2

For those of you who think everything I cook turns out perfectly, here’s a reality check. I had some leftover sliced, unpeeled apples, from a kids event I did with my friend and former colleague, Chris Ohmer of Cincinnati Magazine. I had wanted to try a new streusel topping recipe so having the apples sliced …

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Garbanzo Bean Juice = Vegan “Whipped Cream”

Unwhipped garbanzo bean juice

I have been wondering if this much touted “vegan whipped cream” from the juice of canned garbanzo beans really worked. I tried it today and guess what – it did! I used my hand mixer to whip it, and added a little vanilla and powdered sugar. The texture was more like a meringue than a …

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Tips From Readers Kitchens

Tips from readers’ kitchens Chicken Vesuvio a hit. Deanna A. loved the recipe and subbed broccoli for the peas. “One of the most delicious dishes I’ve made in a long time.” Soda bread made with garbanzo flour Merida D., an Eastside reader, made my soda bread with garbanzo flour instead of all purpose. “Gluten free …

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Layered Trifle for St. Patrick’s Day


Today I chatted with Annie Mitchell, as usual, on the Sonrise Morning Show for Sacred Heart Radio here in Cincinnati. St. Patrick was the subject since we celebrate his feast day tomorrow March 17.  Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy this recipe celebrating this beloved saint. I first saw the trifle/parfait at a presentation I did …

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How to Grow Shamrocks in the House

Image 1

I love shamrocks! My most treasured is a purple one from a mother plant given to me by a friend. She got her start from our former priest, Fr. Jim Peaker, an Irishman with an engaging smile and twinkling blue eyes.Anyway, I wanted to share some info from Ron Wilson, colleague and garden expert about …

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