A sip of wine, fabulous food and me at Home for the Holidays event

Wednesday Nov 5 – 6/8PM I’ll be with my pal Chris Ohmer of Cincinnati Magazine for the Morris Home Furnishings event, entertaining and feeding you my best appetizers and drinks for the holidays. No cost to come, but registration is necessary: Call  (513) 562-2777 or go to Cincinnatimagazine.com/events. The first 300 people will receive a …

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Meat Face Cheese “Ball” and other weird treats for Halloween


My readers and students are really into Halloween. Here’s some of their favorites, which they are sharing with me, and you!   Meat face cheese ball For the adult party! Favorite cheese ball recipe enough to fill mask (check out my video on my blog for a good one) 1 skeleton like Halloween face mask …

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No Pecan “Pecan” Pie + other Depression era mock pies

Wow, weren’t people creative during the Depression? I still have the ration books from my mother-in-law and they tell the story of just how people coped when ingredients were rationed. My friend Carol Vanover shared these recipes from her friend, Jim Pierce. Jim loves to cook and bake and enjoys recreating these heirloom recipes. NO …

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Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte clone

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Like Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte My friend and colleague Annie Mitchell Egan sent me this recipe and asked if I had ever made it. I had not, but decided I should try it. I made some changes several times  – here’s the latest. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE LIKE STARBUCKS The success of this drink depends upon …

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Back to school snacks with a fun Bible lesson to learn

BIBLE SNACKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL When I taught CCD to the little ones at my church, Holy Trinity, we used crafts and snacks to bring the Bible alive for the children. Here are some fun things we did. And with school starting, these are nice snacks for the kids. They get a bonus: a treat they’ll like plus a Bible …

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Don’t be afraid to make these potions to drink on Halloween

This makes a lot – great for all the goblins and ghosties HALLOWEEN WITCHES BREW Makes 32 servings, 8 oz ea.   Stir together: 1 gallon  fruit punch 1 quart  pineapple juice 1 quart Sunny Delight orange drink   Right before serving, stir in: 2 liters chilled orange soda   Variations:   Stir in 1 …

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Saffron: a spice to know

Chicken with Saffron

                                     Chicken with Saffron Saffron was used during Bible days in cakes and to color and flavor whole rains. Buddist priests dyed their robes with saffron, making them a brilliant yellow. Elderly women are used to gather the saffron threads from the flowers.   It takes about 4,500 flowers to make a single ounce of dried …

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Jarlsberg spread clone perfect for Halloween appetizer


Jarlsberg spread clone My friend, Linda Griffith, brought a container of this spread for me to try. “I love it and you can buy it at some delis”, she told me. Hmmm….checking the ingredients on the label led me to believe I could clone this really yummy spread, and I did. So here it is …

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Small batch 100% whole wheat bread


As I sit here typing this recipe, I can look out the window and see Farmer Bruner bending over to pick day-glow orange pumpkins from the field. I’m still finding smaller pumpkins and squash in the untended remains of our veggie garden.  There’s also a softly colored mosaic of leaves covering the ground near the …

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River Grill Judging at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati

“River Grill before the Big Chill” at Sawyer Point. This is a two-day BBQ culinary competition and music festival. It starts tonight with lots of good eating and a music festival. There are 52 pro teams coming from across the country to compete and these teams will be judged by Kansas City BBQ Society judges–– …

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