Happy Thanksgiving

Getting ready to give my "girls/chickens" a special treat for Thanksgiving.

Just a note to say to each of you, thanks for logging on to this site so frequently and I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever, regardless if you’re enjoying a big feast or a simple one. And thanks to my webmaster, John, who, even after all these years, still wants to be part …

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Cooking with Fox 19′s Tracey Johnson: Baked candied cranberries, Cranberry celebration salad and Sweet potatoes with thyme


I love cooking with Fox 19′s morning anchor, Tracey Johnson. Here’s what we cooked up yesterday for Thanksgiving sides – and I’ve posted these recipes before, but since I got bombarded with “post again pls” here they are! Rita’s do-ahead baked candied cranberries Another recipe that changes each time I make it. I really like …

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Have Nutella? Make Nutella Poundcake

Nutella pound cake

              Nutella Pound Cake My clothesline is laden today, not with laundry but with 3” of snow and ice – so much that it dips in the middle. I was stunned when I went out early to feed and water the “girls”/chickens. What a beautiful sight. The snow clung to everything, from the tallest pine …

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What does “French vanilla” mean and making vanilla sugar

    When you see the term “French vanilla”  it does not mean the vanilla comes from France, but it describes a particular type of custard base for vanilla ice cream.  This base is associated with a strong vanilla flavor and odor, a rich golden color, and small flecks of vanilla beans. It’s a good marketing ploy! To get more …

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Leftover turkey makes great hot browns

Hot Brown from Brown Hotel

Lighter Kentucky hot browns For the Afton reader who lost her recipe. “ With Thanksgiving coming up, I like to make hot brown sandwiches with leftover turkey. The recipe that I use isn’t the original recipe from the Brown hotel, and my sauce has Parmesan cheese instead of Romano and whole milk instead of whipping …

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Sage yummy in dressing and good for the memory


Each week I talk with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show on Sacred Heart radio about Bible herbs & foods. Today we talked about: SAGE Sage is not mentioned by name in the Bible, but scholars believe there is no doubt that this is the herb referred to in Exodus 37:17-18 about the making …

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Goat cheese with sundried tomato tapenade – easy and beautiful and TASTY


A student holding the goat cheese appetizer     Each week I talk with Matt Swaim of Sonrise Morning Show about Bible foods & herbs. Today we talked about:   The pine nut mentioned in the Bible is from a certain kind of evergreen found in the Middle East, especially Lebanon (the cedars of Lebanon). …

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Aromatherapy in the herb garden


Yesterday my throat and head were stuffed up and the last thing I wanted to do was work in the herb garden. Mother Nature was cooperating with the weather, so I knew I had to start getting the garden cleaned up for winter. I was grumbling since my task seemed to loom so large. The …

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Behind the scenes on Fox 19

Getting ready to go on air

   When I do my TV segments on Fox 19, there’s always so much going on that you as a viewer never know about. I took a few photos when I was there last week doing my clone of Harry & David’s moose munch.  Here they are:                                               Me with the anchors Jessica and Rob and …

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Clone of Harry & David’s Moose Munch


Harry & David’s Moose Munch Clone I have friends who are addicted to Harry & David’s Moose Munch. I would love to get them a truck load of it just for fun, but then I’d have to win the lottery first. Yes, this gourmet treat is expensive and really delicious. But you can make a …

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