Herb and Vegetable Gardens Mid June looking good

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Shrimp Scampi on the Table in Minutes

Today on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio, Matt Swaim and I chatted about wine and how it was grown and used during Bible days. Yes, wine has an ancient Biblical history – and it has never lost its popularity.  Here’s the recipe I shared for Shrimp Scampi and boy is it good! MELISSA’S …

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Happy Father’s Day: Celebrate with Grilled Flat Iron

Each week I chat, as you know, with  Matt Swaim and/or Annie Mitchell of Sonrise morning show on Sacred Heart Radio. Today we talked about Father’s Day and some of our favorite male patron saints,  along with my recipe for flat iron steak with herbs.  Happy Father’s Day to all my “Dad” readers – and …

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Annie’s Lasagna Rollups

  My friend, Annie Mitchell Egan, made these during a presentation she, my friend Giovanna Trimpe, and I did for Cincitalia, the Italian festival here in Cinti. These are yummy! Delish lasagna rollups As Annie said: “These take a little time, but the recipe is not hard.” Annie used dry parsley and basil, so if …

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Make Pineapple Water with Core – Refreshing and Healthy

To me, the core is the sweetest part, though tough, of the pineapple. Make this manganese, fiber rich, vitamin C filled water: Just chop up the core, let it infuse in water and oh my gosh – so delicious chilled! Manganese helps with muscle & leg  cramps, along with lots of other benefits.  

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Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

SUGAR FREE STRAWBERRY JAM Here’s a quick, easy, and healthy strawberry jam. The bonus? It’s really awesome spread on whole wheat toast.   2 cups strawberries, stemmed and sliced if very large 1 cup cold water 1 package, 3 oz., strawberry flavored gelatin, sugar free   Crush berries in a large saucepan. Add water and …

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Make Hay while the Sun Shines

    OK so you’ve heard that saying before – and this is what it means! Farmer Bruner down the road was baling hay this morning.

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Herbs: How to Harvest

Herbs should be harvested when the oils responsible for flavor and aroma are at their peak. Proper timing depends on the plant part you are harvesting and the intended use. Herbs grown for their foliage should be harvested before they flower. (That said, sometimes time gets away from me and I have to harvest as …

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  It’s scobies/little mothers in starter tea for Kombucha I’m making for my class tonight on herbs, natural foods and gardening with Ron Wilson/Natorp‘s at Turner Farms.  Thanks to neighbor Erin Phillips, who brought me 7 scobies & tea from her stash!

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10 Easy-to-Grow Plants that Repel Bugs Naturally

10 Plants That Repel Bugs Naturally When we moved to the country, my mom gave me sprigs of her heirloom peppermint. She told me how peppermint was a double-duty herb, used in cooking and to keep pesky bugs away. I followed her advice and put pots of peppermint outside the doors of our home to …

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