Get Garden Ready for Spring Planting

From friend and colleague, Ron Wilson, Natorp’s Gardening Expert comes this timely information: As a Cincinnati gardener, your garden is exposed to Cincinnati weather. Before you plant this spring, make sure to get your garden plant-ready by prepping your flower beds for spring planting it is as easy as one, two, three! Get rid of winter debris in your garden beds by raking and removing … Continue reading Get Garden Ready for Spring Planting

Passover Brisket 2 ways

This week when chatting with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio, the subject of Passover traditions came up. And you know what? Passover can be celebrated by anyone, Christians, Jews, whoever. At our Catholic Church one year we held a Passover dinner and it was meaningful and I might add delicious. Here’s a couple favorite recipes for Brisket – hard to … Continue reading Passover Brisket 2 ways

Pork Chops with Orange Dijon Pan Sauce

I was weeding my patch of elderberries when I spied more than a few blackberry vines poking through the soil. The funny thing is when we planted the blackberries originally, they seemed far enough away from the elderberries. Lesson learned: blackberries are like mint – new growth springs from the mother plant, roams, then roots wherever it finds soil. I dug up the vines and … Continue reading Pork Chops with Orange Dijon Pan Sauce

Blender Whole Orange and Date Muffins

Today I chatted with Anna Mitchell, Sacred Heart Radio, about dates. Did you know that dates were discovered in Mesopotamia around 4000 BC? The Babylonians loved dates so much they wrote a recipe for date syrup on a clay table.  Dates were used for barter, as well.  Dates signified food for eternal life and were often pictured in tombs. Here’s a recipe that is what … Continue reading Blender Whole Orange and Date Muffins

Come and see me at CHCA’S Food Symposium!

I’m one of the speakers (Thursday April 4 at 2:45) at the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, along with Bryn Mooth,  Joel Salatin and other  folks. This is a must do event – check out all the yummy details below. HOME WHAT TO EXPECT SPEAKERS AGENDA LOCATION GET INVOLVED FAQS REGISTER PODCAST This spring we will come together to discuss food, sustainability, agriculture, and conservation. Nothing … Continue reading Come and see me at CHCA’S Food Symposium!