Strawberry Jam 2 Ways

You’ve heard the phrase “hamming it up”. But have you ever heard the phrase “jamming it up”? Well, that’s what this week was like at my house. So many sun ripened strawberries, some from my plants and most from neighbor, Erin Phillip’s garden. I made more strawberry shrub drinks, strawberry pies, and still had pounds left over. Time to get jammin’! Making jam from the … Continue reading Strawberry Jam 2 Ways

On a “Roll” – a Jelly Roll!

Good thing I’m short and have a good amount of “padding”. I had just gathered eggs and a wheelbarrow full of wood for the stove. This was when the temperature was in single digits. Well, I hit a patch of ice on the way back to the house. Down I went. The basket of eggs fell out of the wheelbarrow, along with some of the … Continue reading On a “Roll” – a Jelly Roll!