Yum! Mediterranen Cooking Class with Yardboy and Cook at Jungle Jims

Tuesday, May 21 | 11:00am – 1:30pm With Rita Heikenfeld and Ron Wilson Through the years, this class has gained a cult-like following for anyone who wants to grow like a pro and cook like a pro! Cookingwith homegrown produce and herbs is an in-demand skill, so joinRita and Ron as they share tips and strategies on improving your DIY skills in the yard, garden … Continue reading Yum! Mediterranen Cooking Class with Yardboy and Cook at Jungle Jims

Spring has Sprung: Roasted Carrots, Asparagus on Menu!

Spring has definitely sprung here on my little patch of heaven. Erin, my neighbor across the road, asked if I had time to pick dandelions. My answer? I’d make time. We both picked baskets of dandelion flowers for jellies. A few leaves got tossed in, too, for salads.  The wild violets were growing in profusion right alongside. Those make a lovely jelly or jam. So … Continue reading Spring has Sprung: Roasted Carrots, Asparagus on Menu!

Horseradish Easy to Grow and Use

  Horseradish is mentioned in Exodus 12:8 – “Everyone shall eat roast lamb that night with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.” Here’s a little history: The name comes from the English. The horse part means a large, coarse or strong plant, sort of well like a strong horse. And the word radish comes from the Latin word root. And if you’ve ever seen fresh horseradish … Continue reading Horseradish Easy to Grow and Use

Cincinnati Nature Center Class!

Rita and Steve Inglish teach this “tastefully” fun class: Saturday, April 20, 2-4 pm Herb Gardening: Good for You, Good for Wildlife In this hybrid cooking/gardening class, local author, herbalist and cooking instructor, Rita Heikenfeld, will highlight tips on using culinary herbs for flavor and health as she prepares tasty samples that highlight the range of culinary uses for herbs. Pollinator gardening specialist, Steve Inglish, … Continue reading Cincinnati Nature Center Class!

Earth Day

I’m looking forward to “planting seeds of wisdom and fun”with my grandchildren, Eva, Emerson and Ellery again this year on Earth Day at their schools. I’ll be bringing in herbs and edible flowers for them to sniff, feel and enjoy. They’ll get to remove seeds from birdhouse gourds, and take home some Indian corn seeds. Kids really get into the whole concept, as you can … Continue reading Earth Day