Golden Rod Honey

Golden rod honey

Is it a weed, or……….a lovely flower (no, it’s not ragweed but they do seem to like to grow next to each other). In my world, golden rod is a lovely flower with what some folks believe (me included) has medicinal, anti-inflammatory and other good for you properties.

I’ve made golden rod jelly before and today I’m making golden rod honey. My neighbor and friend, Erin Phillips, mentioned that she was going to make some and she inspired me! I’m thinking of making several batches, one plain, one with ginger root and cloves and maybe one with mint. What do you think?

Anyway, no real recipe but here’s how I do it:

Place clean, dry, fully opened golden rod flowers into a sterile jar. Pour hot (not boiling) honey over to cover. Or you could heat the honey and golden rod together on the stovetop. Seal and let sit for golden rod to infuse. Now since this is my first time making it, I’m not sure how long the infusion process will take but I will let you know!

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