Strawberry Jam 2 Ways

You’ve heard the phrase “hamming it up”. But have you ever heard the phrase “jamming it up”? Well, that’s what this week was like at my house. So many sun ripened strawberries, some from my plants and most from neighbor, Erin Phillip’s garden. I made more strawberry shrub drinks, strawberry pies, and still had pounds left over. Time to get jammin’! Making jam from the … Continue reading Strawberry Jam 2 Ways

Shrub a Dub Dub: Fruit Shrubs

The conversation on the subject of shrubs started with gardening expert and friend Ron Wilson. We were chatting about a class at Turner Farms that we were to teach. Along with food, I planned on making shrubs. “What’s a shrub?” He asked. I told him shrubs are refreshing colonial health drinks made with fruit, vinegar and sugar. I don’t think that convinced him. Then Ron … Continue reading Shrub a Dub Dub: Fruit Shrubs

Wheat Berry Salad

Today, as always on Thursdays, I chatted with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio. The topic was wheat. Did you know wheat has an ancient Biblical history? Here’s some fun facts, along with my newest fave: wheat berry salad. WHEAT John 12:24: Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it … Continue reading Wheat Berry Salad