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Whoda thunk it? New Way to Pluck Parsley Sans Knife

IMG_6453But first you have to wash & dry the parsley. See the photo? Wash, lay in single layer on towel and roll up. That’s it! The towel absorbs the moisture. You can keep it in the frig in the  towel if you put the towel in a baggie. Keeps for a couple days at least.

Now here’s the tip about plucking parsley off stems.  I sometimes lay the bunch of parsley on the cutting board and rake a knife over the leaves near the stem. Works well. But my sous chef, Ellen, at my recent class at Jungle Jim’s cooking school here in Cincinnati, I learned a new way. Ellen got this tip from another chef: instead of the knife, take a fork, tines down and just rake the leaves off the stem. Clever, huh?


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