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White Cake from Scratch better than Storebought

Tip from Rita’s kitchen: White cake from scratch that is light textured like store bought: problem solved

Reader Annie Hoffman, a talented and inquisitive baker, makes wedding cakes. Annie told me: ”

For years I have searched for a scratch vanilla cake recipe that isn’t the consistency of corn bread, and has that bouncy texture of a box mix, without using a box mix. Is there such a thing? I have tried hundreds, yes, that many, to no avail. My cake business is all scratch except for vanilla, people just like the mix better. Help if you can.”

Rose Levy Beranbaum to the rescue. Regardless of how busy this famous celebrity baker and noted cookbook author is, Rose always responds quickly. Rose suggested her white velvet cake. “It is soft, tender, flavorful and far superior to any box cake mix. It’s in my book “The Cake Bible.”

Rose has an engaging blog on her site: www.realbakingwithrose.com. I suggest you subscribe to it.

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