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Where to buy Habek Mint

Gosh, a lot of you were interested in the Habek/Bible mint I talked about today with Brian Patrick on Sacred Heart Radio (see my former blog). Some of you wanted to know where to buy it. I buy mine (and a lot of other hard to find herbs) at Companion  Herbs in Athens Ohio.
They have a great site – tell Peter, the proprietor, that I recommended him.

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  1. Jacob


    I assume you are referring to Companion Plants in Athens, OH?

    BTW, I love your Bible foods program on Catholic Radio every Thursday. I don’t know much about herbs, gardening, or cooking, but your own vibrant enthusiasm comes through so well, that I am completely caught up in it when I listen. I wish they could run it more often!

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      Yes, that’s the place. It’s amazing how many plants they have – and you can order online. Glad you like the segments. I love doing them. Companion Plants

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