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Feverish? Cold or flu? Healthful punch hydrates

What to drink with the flu - Citrus Drink

Feverish? Cold or flu? Hydrate with this healthful punch

You need to hydrate when you have cold and flu symptoms. What to drink with the flu is a refreshing juice drink with vitamins and antioxidants to soothe.

When we were kids and had a sore throat or upset tummy,  Mom would treat the sore throat with pineapple juice and the tummy with ginger ale.   I do the same with my family today, but I’ve taken Mom’s idea further and combined these two with some healthy fruit punch and cranberry/pomegranate drink.

With cold and flu season here like an unwelcome visitor that you just can’t get rid of, you need to keep hydrated if you come down with either. Oftentimes a fever accompanies the cold or flu.  Sometimes a chilled drink to bring down the fever is just the ticket.  Here’s a drink that’s beautiful to look at and hydrating to boot.

This drink started its life out as a party punch (and one that everyone loves) and  it’s now my “go to” cold & flu chilled hydrating drink.

Fever reducing punch

Equal amounts of fruit punch, pineapple juice and cranberry/pomegranate juice. Add some ginger ale to taste if you want. The punch contains vitamin C, the pineapple is great for sore throats, and the cranberry/pomegranate has lots of antioxidants. The ginger ale settles your tummy.


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