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Vanilla Recipe: Easy How To Make Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Recipe: Easy How To Make Vanilla Extract

Creating your own vanilla from this easy to follow vanilla recipe is simple – but does take a bit of patience. After putting the easy ingredients in a small bottle, the flavor of vanilla needs time to infuse and share it’s delicious sweet and rich flavor.

In this recipe I use whole vanilla bean from Madagascar to flavor my vanilla extract. I use vodka to pull out the flavor because the alcohol has little flavor of it’s own. During the holidays, if I’m making this vanilla recipe as a gift, I make up three bottles: one with vodka, another with bourbon and a third with rum. The differences in the flavor of the recipe are subtle, but also make a special homemade gift.

Growing a vanilla pod is very labor intensive which is why many pure vanilla extracts are expensive. If you’re buying vanilla, always look for pure vanilla and avoid the imitation vanilla which often contains corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors.

Vanilla Recipe

Whole Vanilla Bean
Small glass jar with a screw top lid

Vanilla Recipe

Vanilla Recipe – Pouring My Vanilla

Use a sharp paring knife to split the vanilla bean down it’s length leaving just a bit connected at the end. In the video below you’ll see how I split the vanilla bean.

Place the split bean in a small jar and cover completely with vodka. Make sure the vanilla bean is completely submerged.

Here is where the patience comes in. Seal the jar and let it sit in a cool place for at least 10 to 12 weeks. You’ll know it’s done by the amber color of the vanilla extract and the heady fragrance.

Keep an eye on the vanilla extract your are creating an soon you’ll see the color start to change.


How to Make Vanilla Recipe Video

Here’s an interesting article on the different types of Vanilla.

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  1. Connie

    Thanks, Rita. I will have to try this. Sounds like a fun unusual gift to make and give.

    1. Rita

      I’ve given my homemade vanilla extract as a gift a lot over the years. It’s nice to be thought of throughout the year when a friend uses vanilla!

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