Yesterday I walked across the field to check on my elderly neighbor, John, and saw lots of grass-like blades poking through the soil. Farmer Bruner sowed rye right after he harvested pumpkins from the same field and that’s what was popping up. Husband Frank told me it’s called “winter rye” since it can germinate through the snow. I look forward to early spring when it becomes a field of wavy green.

Since we’re beginning a new year, let’s talk trends for 2017. Guess what one is? Bone broth! Now I’ve been making super nutritious bone broth for years the same way my Mom did. Just basically cooking up a lot of bones with aromatics to make a healthful stock. No waste was her motto.

Black garlic, a fermented garlic that takes a long time to ferment, is in the news as well.

The trend is to embrace the “no waste” philosophy. From root to seed is how chefs are cooking now, using everything from the plant in some nutritious way.

Another trend is purple veggies and fruit, like eggplant, purple cauliflower, black rice (yes, it’s dark purple), elderberries, and even purple corn. The reason is that the anthocyanin (makes the purple color) in purple plants holds huge amounts of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

I have to chuckle when I read trends. Heck, I’ve been trending way before the trends hit the news – we’ve been growing elderberries and Indian/purple corn for years!

There are lots of more interesting food and drink trends for 2017. I’ll be talking more about them as we segue into the New Year.