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Tip: Make “holes” in flour when baking for this reason

Flours with 2 "holes", 1 for salt and 1 for baking powder

Flours with 2 “holes”, 1 for salt and 1 for baking powder

OK if you’re like me, once in while measuring out what I call “white” ingredients for baking to add to the flour, I forget if I’ve added say, the baking powder, or the salt, or the baking soda, etc.

So here’s what I do now and it’s a darn good tip for you: Depending upon how many “white” additions to the flour, poke holes in the flour after you’ve put it in the bowl. What you see above are 2 holes for salt and baking powder that I filled with the requisite ingredients. Even though the salt and baking powder are the same color (almost) as the flour, texturally they’re a bit different so you can tell by looking if you’ve added all the “white” ingredients.

Happy baking!



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