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Tea with Ginger: The Perfect Cup of Tea.

Tea with Ginger

An easy ginger tea that’s perfect for a cool day or whenever you need a lift.

Tea with Ginger was the perfect drink to make on a recent appearance with Channel 19 in Cincinnati. In the past few weeks, Rita was feeling under the weather. But this tea with ginger is just the thing as it’s full of healthy antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

This tea is very easy. Just grate some fresh ginger, add some lemon juice and a bit of honey. Let the ginger tea steep for a bit and enjoy this refreshing drink.

Feel free to add a slice of lemon or even a squeeze of orange to this tea with Ginger.

When you shop for ginger, look for what’s called a “hand” in your grocery’s produce section. Pick ginger that is firm to the touch, looks plump and mold free and has a wonderful lemon scent. Make sure the ginger isn’t wrinkled at all. Ginger stores well and can even be frozen. I don’t recommend using pickled or dried ginger for this tea.

Tea with Ginger

Tea with Ginger

Ginger can also settle an upset stomach and it’s even said to reduce nausea and dizziness. Some people swear by ginger for it’s ability to alleviate motion sickness.

Ginger originated in Southeast Asia but can easily be grown around the world Watch through the end of this video for tips on growing your own ginger in a pot. Ginger was grown and used in Asian cultures for centuries and brought to Europe by the Romans almost 2000 years ago.

Tip from Rita’s Kitchen on Tea with Ginger:

There’s no need to peel the ginger for this tea. The skin has a lot of nutrients and doesn’t effect the flavor of the ginger tea at all. The wonderful scent of ginger will come through and revitalize you even when you’re feeling the most run down.

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