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Sustainable living trends – saw these at Mother Earth Fair

Getting ready to presentMy presentation on a Garden of Simples had standing room only at Mother Earth Fair in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. I wanted to share just a few photos that I took which show some sustainable living trends. I was able to take a few presentations myself. Two that stand out were Dawn Comb’s “heal local” talk and Dr. Christopher’s talk on the healing power of cayenne.

The fermented foods demo was SRO as was the how to grow garlic presentation.

I always stop at my friend Peter’s booth. He owns Companion Herbs in Athens and has many unusual herbs. I bought some saffron bulbs and ginseng to plant, along with elecampane and a pack of scullcap seeds.

The staff, as usual, was so helpful. As my webmaster John knows, I’m way low tech so I appreciated the IT help.

I’ll be presenting in Asheville in April, as well.



Trial tomato – like a large indigo rose cherry tomato

IMG_1059 I really liked these – tasted like an old fashioned yellow tomatoIMG_1066Lots of information on raising chickens – this is how they defeather them.IMG_1065And this is how they slaughter them, humanely as possible (Yikes!)IMG_1061Black garlic, a slow fermented garlic, was big. Has lots of antioxidants, too. This was at the Enon Valley garlic booth.

IMG_1063As always, lots of info on mushroom growing with kits to buy.

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